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Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by MNOD Glocker, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. MNOD Glocker

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    So I just purchased a Sig Scorpion government model 1911 with the night sights and threaded barrel. I am having a hard time finding a decent holster for it and I do not have any desire to have an in the waist band holster. Some posts online state the Blackhawk! Serpa holsters (level two's and three's) will work fine with the Sig's bulkier or squarer slide but I am a little leary of ordering a holster and then not having it work. Can anyone tell me if the Blackhawk! holsters will work with the Sig 1911?

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  3. If you don't mind the wait, you might just have one made to your liking for about the same as you pay for a Galco off the shelf. Of course my preference is leather, I just don't really care for any of the plastic holsters. I just had a holster made for my SIG STX by FIST Holsters Inc. it is beautifull and fits perfectly and rides on my hip great too. So far I have had FIST make a holster for all of my guns.
  4. Sweet gun! I needed one for mine and went with Colorado Holster gear. It was made and on the way to me within a week. Flawless quality!

  5. MNOD Glocker

    MNOD Glocker always around


    Was this their regular one they have listed on their website? I really like it and want to get it!
  6. If you go to the ordering page and click on "holsters", I believe the first drop down menu is to pick firearm model. One of the models listed is the "Sig 1911". Just pick that one and you'll be good to go!

    The flat dark earth color is available and matches the color of the Scorpion 100%. It's sweet!

  7. Captain Caveman

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    Any holster for the 1911 GSR will work with the new 1911's. I was having a hell of a time finding one for my TapOps until I found out this little bit of information.

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