Holster fit for Ruger DA revolvers

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  1. I have gotten into revolvers, Ruger in particular, and have encountered holster issues for SP101 and GP100. Bianchi and others pass off the same holster for Ruger and S&W but fail to account for the Ruger's protruding or squared frame under the cylinder, just ahead of the trigger guard. Holsters with thumb snaps will not close because the gun has not gone all the way in.

    My GP100 is a limited edition 5", so I only found a holster offer of the exact length from Falco (made in Serbia). I am trying to avoid the extra length of the standard 6", because it extends below the concealment clothing.

    In the interim, waiting for delivery, my Galco DAO for the 4" Redhawk .45LC handles the GP100 well enough, given the retainer strap. The barrel sticks out an inch though.

    I have been unable to find a suitable cross draw holster for the SP101 3 1/16" .357 Magnum, so I carry the bigger gun on the cross draw side. A strong side holster for the SP101 is doable, but not the dual purpose holsters or cross draw only. Falco offering was not satisfactory because the grip presentation stuck out too far.

    My point is to share experience and to get tips on other options.
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  3. Try Simply Rugged. I have 3 of their holsters and am very pleased with the quality. I am using their Silver Dollar Pancake holster for my 3 1/16 inch SP 101.

  4. Excellent! I ordered a crossdraw Cattleman for both guns.
  5. Good choice. I have a Cattleman for my 4 5/8 inch 45 Colt Blackhawk. It is a slick rig.

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