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Hollowpoint pellets more damage?

Discussion in 'The Airgun and Paintball Club' started by WildWest N AZ, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Does anyone use them for small game? I bought some Crossman hollows not sure if they do more damage or not. I do noticed a lot more blood ect from the entry of the pellet though. Can anyone give me some insight on this.
  2. flickman


    Aug 4, 2004
    Sometimes I use Beeman Crow Mags in my .20 R9. The thing I have found is if the shot is within 30 yards (at least as far as my R9 is concerned) I get better penetration and exit. Once I shoot further out, say 40+ yards I tend to get better shock from Kodiaks.

  3. hardeyes


    Jun 30, 2003

    IMO, And from hunting different small game, I (as well as others), believe that the 'dome' shaped pellets are usally the best.

    For one they are very accurate- due to the dome shape they tend to 'buck' wind better.

    Other reasons is that when they do 'hit' they tend not to 'deform' on hide, fur, bones. Thus providing more penetration on game.

    I have killed, Jackrabbits, Crows, Squirrels, rats, and other game with a 12ft/lb Beeman R1 .22Cal rifle. 95% or more of these animals have fallen dead on the first shot--Which have ranged from 15-35yards.

    Some of the better pellets that I've used are the Crosman premier dome pellets, along with the JSB Pellets.

    If you really have to have something that has more hi-tech, check out the newer JSB penatrator pellet, which is a hollow type pellet with a polymer tipped (red) point.

    I have had good succes with the previous pellets, and good shot placement, which is what is needed for downing game.

    I have used some hollow point pellets before I tryed the dome ones, and can tell you, I liked the dome much better. 12Ft/Lbs is about minimum that I use for hunting, Good luck, Hardeyes