Holding criminals at gunpoint when your life ISN'T in danger...

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by G27GenFour, Feb 11, 2013.

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    As a citizen I will not capture anyone (in public) or hold them at gunpoint. If they stop attacking, its a good time for me to get the heck out of dodge. I am not a security force or a policeman, I will not capture criminals, get between two fighting men, chase purse snatchers or investigate odd happenings in dark alleys. If I can safetly escape danger, I will..and when I cant I will fight like a banshee.

    As far as restraints go, there are things called prone restraint hypoxia, nerve and tissue damage that ( after the fight is over) may not be considered part of a "lawful use of force". LEO have a duty to capture people, I do not. If a badguy claims that his left thee fingers no longer function properly because of improperly applied restraints, what will a civil jury say? Even if the badguy is lying, its like trying to prove someone doesnt have backpain.

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    Saying you will shoot them if they run and actually doing it are 2 different things. Criminals know less about the law than even GTers, so a whole lot would just comply out of fear of being shot, whether you really would do it or not.

  3. As a general rule if I am pulling my weapon I have the intent to use it. I don't plan on just doing a show and tell exhibit. The only people I willingly show my guns off to are family and friends.

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  4. A few things I remember very clearly from the permit class:

    Here in TN three things need to be present for you to use you gun defensively - Intent (they want to harm you), Ability (they can harm you, and fists can count as a weapon for this), and Imminent Danger (or similar, basically you fear for your life and safety from the first two). Only when all three are met can you defend yourself. BTW, that was a key word - Defend - you are carrying to protect and not to enforce. You cannot shoot someone who is stealing from you (property is replaceable), you cannot shoot someone who is fleeing, you cannot fire a warning shot in the air, and you cannot hold someone at gunpoint.
    Now, if someone enters your home uninvited, the first and second are assumed, so you only have to 'prove' the third; that you were in fear of your life and safety....

    Great example we were given was: You come upon a man and woman, woman is covered in blood and has multiple stab wounds, man is holding a knife and they are struggling. Some people said they would shoot the man to protect the woman from further harm (IIRC you are allowed to defend others as yourself, but are not obligated). Turns out the woman was despondent and trying to kill herself, the man took the knife away and she was struggling to get it back and finish the job.

    Bottom line, for me and wife at least = if we are threatened we defend ourselves, else we are civillians.
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    If all it took to be a trained law enforcement officer were to carry a gun, there would be no crime.

    A gun does not impart skills to its owner. And it takes skills to hold someone at gunpoint. Without them, it's not a good idea.
  6. In FL, you can only meet force with equal force.

    More than that, it's LE work. If you are not LE and plans to assume their work, expect a huge disruption in your life with legal expenses and cement floors. Zimmerman can probably give you a few words of wisdom here.

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