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hog hunting with knifes?

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by noway, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Anybpdy here hunted and killed a hog with a knife? This seems to be the growing trend in these parts with variou shog hunters. If you have taken one with a blade, can you give the step-by-step break down on what you used and what you did?
  2. surfinusa


    Jul 31, 2003
    I've never done this but it goes something like this. The hog is chased with hounds or curs. Then the catch dog (usually a pit bull or similar breed is released and grabs the hog by the ear. The hunters run up as the catch dog is holding the hog, lift the hog by its hind legs, then push a rather large knife into its heart. You must be quick or the hog will seriously injure or kill the dogs (this is not a sport for your family pet).

    Some guides using dogs prefer this method as opposed to an excited hunter possibly shooting a dog.

    Hog hunter magazine and various web sites can provide more guidance but you get the general picture.

  3. Had friends who did it when I lived in Australia.

    Pretty much how surfinusa described it.
  4. thanks but have anybody every did it was the real question and what did you use?

    btw:pitbulls are rarely used down here and make for sorry dogs for hunting hogs.

    I have a reservation for a hog hunt in feburary and asked the guide to get me paired up with somebody that's going to knife a hog on that morning. I will see as a 2nd party, 1st hand on how it's done.
  5. Erich

    Erich Millennium Member

    I knew a local cop who took one with a Cold Steel kukhri, and another who used a Cold Steel spear.
  6. Wildpony


    Jun 23, 2004
    DFW Texas
    Around here we sometimes hunt them off of horses when we get bored. Now the thing is that these things have tusks. I had a friend who had one run under his horse and instantly gutted it where it stood. My poor Buddy had to shoot his horse and you cant imagine the sound a wounded horse makes. Good thng I was'nt there to see it but the moral is that I want something a little more deadly than a knife between me and any hog before I go hunting them. Knife hunting them is in my opinion crazy. Them hogs are mean and will use any excuse to make an attempt to eat your lunch.;5 ^3
  7. Long time since I've rode a horse but their belly aren't that low to the ground for our hogs to tusk them, Interesting story tho.

    btw, I see your a Texan, I graduated HS in Abilene from Abilene H.S and used to live near Mockingbird ln on the North Side.
  8. Wildpony


    Jun 23, 2004
    DFW Texas
    By your screen name I see that you may be a bit of a sceptic. But with all due respect your perception of horse hight when compared to a hogs tusk reach is not accurate. Further more it cannot explain away the fact that there was a horse laying dead in the field whith his guts hanging out which, I had to help drag off. No kidding they get big around Coleman you just havent seen the right hogs.

    There may be another explination for your scepticism though. you may be confusing javelinas with the hogs. If so then the presumption that they are too short to kill a horse would be correct. They are a different species of pig that are endiginous to the area. The hog that killed my buddy's horse was either a wild hog that had domestic ancestry, some kind of "Russian boar" which have somehow become comon in the area, or some type of hybryd of the two. They easily get upward of 300+lbs. Trust me you don't want to be messing with thes bad boys.

    On a side note Howdy! it is good to hear from folks from the Abilene area. I graduated from Abilene Christian High School so I guess talking football with you would be boring to you because we played six-man and never had any rivalry with any of the Abilene schools. But anyway it is good to hear from you.
  9. HighVelocity

    HighVelocity LSG #67

    Jan 3, 2005
    DFW, TX
    Whoa, been awhile since I've heard of this. When I was in College, late 80's, I had a friend named Jim and we called him the Flyin' Hawaiin. He claimed that he hunted wild boar with a knife and pit bulls. The way he described it was that the dogs would latch onto that boar and when the boar started to wear down, Jim would jump on his back and stab it in the neck. ;P

    Of course, we all thought he was full of it.
  10. surfinusa


    Jul 31, 2003

    Actually pitbulls are used all the time for hunting boars down here. They may be basically illegal to own in Miami-Dade county but not in the rest of the state. Contrary to popular belief the pitbull is not just a fighting dog and has been used as a catch dog throughout the south because of its strong jaws and tenacious nature. Like I said, hounds such as the black and tan, bluetick or redbone and curs like the catahoula or southern blackmouth do the actual finding and chasing. Then the catch dog (pit bull) is released and he holds the hog for the hunter.

    Just because I haven't chosen to participate in this area of the sport doesn't mean I don't know how its done or that I don't know people that do it.

    Good luck in your future attempts at this. Move quickly and with confidence, the dogs especially the catch dog is depending on you.
  11. {There may be another explination for your scepticism though. you may be confusing javelinas with the hogs. ]

    I hate to inform you I hunted numerous javelinas as a kid and know the difference between a hog and musk hog. Typical hogs down here has a shoulder height of 30" or less. Also hogs aren't the real killers that alot of people make them out to be.

    Either way, good to hear from another abilenian and our rivalry crosstown was Cooper High was joke, we stump them everytime we played. The real football school we fear,was Odessa. They would kick the snot out of us everytime. The last game I play with Odessa high we lost like 48 -0 and that was the better of the numerous losts that we had ;)

    Very tuff school as far as football. Midland was also tuff as nails.

    {Actually pitbulls are used all the time for hunting boars down here}

    Nine out 10 times, the black mouth cur is the number one dog used here. In all of the private guided hunts I've been on since the last 5 years, only once did I ever see a pitbull run hogs. The catch dogs where either american coon hounds ( aka Black & tans ) or curs.
  12. oh btw, I just want to correct you on ;

    {They may be basically illegal to own in Miami-Dade county but not in the rest of the state. }

    pits are true not Ilegal in Miami-Dade , you just need to provide insurance of minimum of 50K dollars and this has been that way since 1990s. I know numerous folks with pits or pits crossbreds in Dade. And they still are sorry dogs when compared to curs or black&tans for hunting hogs.
  13. and lastly up close
  14. muddydog


    Mar 1, 2004
    we hunt with dogs and use knives..

    we hunt your normal everyday feral hogs..3-4 generation feral..usually with hog dogs that are pits..and dogos..

    you use a knife or spike to prevent a bullet from hitting one of the dogs.

    our dogs use cut vests...and we also live catch. if its a 1st generation feral we feed and market.

    those dogs will GIT IT ON....
  15. ECVMatt


    Apr 13, 2003
    So Cal
    I was in North TX and it is great fun. I have killed a few with knives and here is how it goes. We usually ride mules and follow our scent dogs. If it is a long ride we will carry our catch dogs (pit bulls)over the saddle. When the scent dogs strike a fresh trail we chase them on the mules for as long as possible. Sometimes we can ride right up to the fight. When we get in visual range of the hog, we release the catch dog/dogs. The catch dogs will try to bite the hog in the head and hold on. The hog will try to kill the dog. At this point we grab the hind legs and flip the hog on its' side. Then we stick it behind the grisle plate and in a few moments the hog dies. Sometimes we catch the pigs alive if they are not too big. We use these for training other dogs or sell them to a pay and slay ranch nearby. The last one I stabbed was rather large. I will not tell you the weight, because I am sure people will doubt it. I used a bowie style knife and had some problems sticking it all the way to the lungs. I think a bayonet/straight style blade (w/o serrations) would be better. However, I borrowed the knife from a man that hunts like this almost year round and kills many/many hogs with the knife so maybe I did not hit it hard enough. I have some pixs, but do not know how to up load them. It is great fun to hunt like this, but can be hard on the dogs if you do not act quickly. Hope this answers your question.

  16. hrt4me

    hrt4me Millennium Member

    Dec 6, 1999
    Dallas, TX, USA
    Actually, Javelinas are rodents.
  17. Wildpony


    Jun 23, 2004
    DFW Texas
    Well NOWAY it sounds like you think you are an expert on everything. ;Q
  18. surfinusa


    Jul 31, 2003
    Noway, as I said pit bulls are basically illegal in Miami-Dade county. Technically, you can still own a pit bull however, most people can't get the required insurance or the cost is prohibitive, i.e., creating a de facto prohibition on ownership. Although I do know that there are still a number of owners and breeders in violation of the ordinance.

    As my previous posts may have led you to believe I am quite familiar with the breeds used in this sport. And I will say that the pictures you provided are of a nice looking dog. But Blackmouths are usually used as chase dogs and not as catch dogs, as with anything there are exceptions and some will do both.

    In your third picture the cur has the hog bayed up, now its time to release the catch dog. As soon a he gets a good hold, you better be there to take care of business or this dog is getting hurt even with a cut vest on. Keep in mind, many in Florida don't use a cut vest (high heat) because over heating the dogs can be as harmfull as the pigs.

    Reading the other posts its obvious that others and myself have provided you with good accurate information regarding this sport in response to your question.

    Now my only question is, since you know so much more than the rest of us on this subject, why did you bother to post your question the first place?