Hodgdon Powder data.

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    I was reinspecting these casings again today under magnification, The *Star-Line* case as shot from my S&W 1006 the one that had the loose primer before shooting and leaked...upon closer inspection it shows a very faint "SMILE" line. It is posible I missed it originally (remember this was used brass and the primer pocket was loose). That casing was pretty well beat up just look at the head stamp!

    The area of the "SMILE" is to the left side of the casing and isn't even visible in the picture. It is possible I ironed it flat when I sized it in the "Pass-Thru-Die". :shocked:

    But I really think it was produced when I fired it with the 9.4 grain charge of LongShot that copied SwampFox's 1240 fps loading...remember I have never seen a "SMILED" casing from my pistols. This may have been the start of the very first one.

    I believe *Star-Line* cases are very soft brass as compared to others brands. :dunno:

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  2. Fusion 6" Longslide - more data for the pool!!!

    ****Min, max, avg, ES, SD****

    8.5gr LS - 1224, 1279, 1253, 54, 20
    8.8gr LS - 1223, 1265, 1241, 42, 16
    9.0gr LS - 1277, 1296, 1292, 19, 8
    9.2gr LS - 1294, 1321, 1308, 26.7, 10.5
    9.4gr LS - 1311, 1337, 1325, 25.4, 11.6

    ***Interesting point to mention - 9.4-9.5gr LS moves a 200gr XTP nearly as fast as it moves a 180gr XTP in this setup***

    180gr XTP
    9.5gr LS - 1340, 1390, 1364, 51, 20

    165gr GD
    10gr LS - 1448, 1454, 1459, 36, 14

    180gr XTP
    10.5gr BD - ~1300

    200gr WFN
    9.5gr BD - ~1175
    8.3gr LS - 1194, 1289, 1256, 95.3, 36.3

    220gr HC (Buffalo Bore factory load, boxflap 1200fps/705fpe)
    1163, 1181, 1172, 18.7, 6.9

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  3. Added new data to above post
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    Thanks Nick, Thanks for the data, that 6" barrel really brings out the velocity numbers!
    I was just reading about some reduced Blue Dot loads in rifles...
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    Brainstormed for a sec and wanted to try some Longshot with 155gr JHP's, the bullets are just basic Remington JHP's. Looking at the load data from Hodgdon and not seeing anything other than 180gr and 200gr data, I decided that based off their results, 11.5gr of Longshot would be a good place to start some new data.

    I didn't get to shoot much, very short on time and only got to shoot 3 per barrel, but here it is nonetheless. Hope to get more data soon.

    Stock Glock 20sf (11.5gr Longshot)
    About 75 degrees out, and I'm roughly 1050ft above sea level if any of that means something to you! Loaded using 1x Starline brass, CCI LP primers and loaded to 1.26"

    1406 AVG

    Same load in 6" KKM bbl
    1547 AVG

    Notes: brass had a little bulge using stock bbl but not severe, and the brass from the KKM bbl looked great. Recoil was moderate at best, a little more stout from 6" KKM bbl. I feel 12gr would be safe and that's what I plan on loading up next. All in all, seems pretty consistent so far.
  6. Good data, SD.... I've ran up to 11.0gr LS under a 165gr GS and GD.... VERY hot load....
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    Thanks for the 155gr info SDGlock23, I have some 155gr XTP bullets lying around and I've been trying to figure out a load for them.

    Here's my contribution to the thread, I'm using a factory Glock 20SF (stock 4.6" barrel), Hodgdon Longshot, CCI No. 300 LPP, new Starline brass, 1.264 OAL, and 180gr Precision Delta bullets. I didn't like that Hodgdon limits the 180gr loads at 34,600 psi, so I went a little above and beyond.

    Under Hodgdon book max (9.5gr):
    9.3gr Longshot gave 1205 fps avg.

    9.5gr Longshot gave 1213 fps avg.

    Over Hodgdon book max:

    9.7gr Longshot gave 1247 fps avg.

    9.8gr Longshot gave 1260 fps avg with an extreme spread of 6 fps. (I really liked this load, and I'll be loading more of these in the future.)

    9.9gr Longshot also gave 1260 fps avg, but extreme spread was ~30 fps.

    10.0gr Longshot gave 1262 fps avg. Recoil was not hard, instead felt like a warm .40S&W.

    That's as high as I got for the last batch. I was really hoping to hit 1300 fps out of the stock barrel, but it seems that that goal might not be attainable with Longshot.

    Almost forgot, the maximum case expansion in the stock barrel was .4335" with the 10.0gr loads. All the rest expanded near to the same size. No primer flattening occured, and no other pressure signs in the brass as far as I could see.

    Hope that helps!
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    Good data Turo. The last time I chronographed 9.5gr Longshot w/180gr I averaged right at 1260 fps.

    Here is today's numbers:

    165gr Sierra JHP @ 1.260"
    10.5gr Longshot w/ CCI LP
    Stock G20sf

    Average: 1,353 fps / 671 ft-lbs

    Same setup but 10.7gr Longshot:

    Average: 1,357 fps. 675 ft-lbs

    Notes: brass looked good, a little bulge but nothing out of the ordinary. For some reason Hodgdon doesn't list any Longshot data for 165gr (or 135 & 155). I came up with the above numbers, it's not book data. The first shot of each string (10.5gr and 10.7gr) was high (near 1400 fps), the rest were quite consistent. Had it not been for the high starting shots, the average for both would have been in the 1340's.

    180gr FMJ @ 1.260"
    6gr TiteGroup w/ CCI LP
    Stock G20sf

    Average: 1080 fps / 446 ft-lbs

    Notes: brass bulged more than the above listed Longshot loads, nothing serious however. Not a warm load by any means, but it makes for a good plinking load for when you want to go easy and save on powder.
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  9. Looked thru all 5 pages.....very good info, but nothing referencing my load/bullet.

    Not new to reloading, just the 10mm.

    Picked up 2K of Penn 180 gr lfp bullets. Have decided (initially) on using Longshot.

    Does anyone have any loads or experience with this or other lead 180's?

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but thought the "LongShot" thread would be the best place. Thanks, Tracy
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  10. 9.2grs LS + 180gr bullet = magic

    Do you have a chrony?
    9.3 may get you a tad more velocity because you are using lead (less pressure) but I think that will be about all you can get unless you are willing to go well over published load data. longshot is a bit funny that way

    Just for future knowledge, try some WSF powder next time, It wont net the high velocity LS does, but its about the best lead bullet powder I have found (actually freakshow10mm suggested it to me)
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  11. Thanks.

    Yes I have a chrony, but it is very few and far between times that I get to use it. :crying:

    I searched thru some members loads from a different forum and came up with 8.8 as a load. Pretty good "bang", and recoil feels comparable to Hornady 180XTP's and GA 165 JHP's. Brass has consistently been thrown in the 20' range......seems about avg from what I've read on several forums.

    My Delta (bought used) came with a substantially greater mainspring than the #25 I run in my other 45's (all 1911's). I'm thinking it's close to a #30.....extremely hard to thumb cock by hand. I run a EGW flat bottom firing pin stop (no radius) in all my 1911's. I also use a Sprinco Recoil Reducing guide rod in all my guns (I keep all my 45's setup to run majority +P loads). This setup delays bbl unlocking and seems to reduce muzzle jump. Comes back hard into the palm of my hand, but muzzle stays down better making follow-up shots slightly faster.
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  12. I have some Berry's plated 155. And I have some 180 lead.
    I have read through the thread and have seen some load data. But want to get more recent load data? and reconfirm the listed loads still have good results. I will be using long shot of course. So what loads and info do we have ? Using lone wolf 6in barrel.

    155 Berry's plated

    180 lead

    Thanks in advanced !
  13. I've contributed quite a bit myself and they are all still "good and valid" loads. Of course, do your own work ups in YOUR PLATFORM to validate.

    Word to the wise with Berry's bullets. Most say don't push them too hard - MY take is that, if you're pushing them harder, use the minimum amount of crimp as you can get away with. CRIMP is what shears off the plating; velocity, not as much. Just my experience.

    For the cast, make sure the bullets you're firing are at LEAST .001 over groove diameter of your barrel to reduce or eliminate leading

    Have fun!
  14. Btw. A favorite field load for me is a 180gr flat nose cast over 8.8gr LS. lethal, powerful and accurate.
  15. Thank you for the info! Yes I saw a post on here at a 155 plated using LS ---AT 11.5 -12.5 at 1450fps??
  16. Sounds like a little much on the powder but I don't have my log with me ... I know 10.0gr with a 165 is HOT. But you may be right ...
    I'd have to check.

    Also, most of MY data on this thread is out of my fully supported 6" long slide 1911 so the number will be a bit higher
  17. Yes that would be great thank you.
  18. Would any one happen to have 135 grain lead data for long shot?
  19. _The_Shadow

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    You could start at 11.2 grains LS using standard primers, McNett worked to 13.2 grains @ 1542fps using CCI 350's in post number 2 of the Hodgdon powder section, so work very meticulously if you venture higher...

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