Hillary ClintonThe Secretary of PARTYING

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  1. A fine looking cougar like Hillary has got to get some action
    every now and then.

    I just wonder if a couple of those secret service prostitutes
    were maybe a couple of young boys for Hillary?

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  2. There's no way that I could vote for her, but she's just as entitled to have a private like and some good times just as we all do.

    Good for her!:wow:
  3. I do not think I have ever been that drunk. Keep in mind this is coming from a man who drank 10 shots of everclear a 6 pack and god knows how many jello shots.
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    Aint nothing like the good old days when Bill and Hillary could take junkets to Australia to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars. I'm sure she misses those.
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    Ok between this and the DWS comment you made about being easy on the eyes, I have no choice but to conclude that you are legaly blind.
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  6. Or just horny as hell.:devildance:
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    In before Chute says he'll hit it.

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    :rofl:Ok or that...Beverage spewed onto computer screen. We might not agree on politics but your sense of humor is right up my alley. Well done JB.

    ETA maybe that is what is wrong with your politics also. Get laid ASAP. :tongueout:
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