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High Power Rifle Substitute

Discussion in 'GATE Self-Defense Forum' started by pnr0q54, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. pnr0q54


    Dec 31, 2011
    Lake City, FL
    Mas, I just read your artrical in BHM An economical battery of guns for the backwoods home Issue #114 and am happy to say it looks like I'm covered except for a high powered rifle. I do have a Mini 14 in .223 but nothing for deer size game. I do have a Remington Express 12 gauge shotgun set up for HD with a light and extended mag loaded with #1 buck. Do you think the shotgun, loaded with either slugs or 00 buck, would work if I had to take deer size game? By the way I live between Live Oak and Lake City so I am in your neigborhood.
  2. Mas Ayoob

    Mas Ayoob KoolAidAntidote Moderator

    Nov 6, 2005
    With good sights and slugs that are accurate out of YOUR gun's barrel, the shotgun will do for up to 100 yards. Make sure you've got the trajectory and point of aim/point of impact absolutely nailed down.

    Good luck,