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  1. I recently purchased a .40 Cal 22RD Glock OEM and the spring seems to be not quite stong enough. It FTF every 3/4th round (Faliure 2 feed). Its not a big deal to take care of at range just pull slide back.release and rd goes into battery. So, Do you have any advice for this problem. I know they make High Power springs for normal OEMS but am having a hard time finding one for the .40caliber w/22Rds..Thank you kind sir,
    Jeffrey (AKA) G30
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  3. I could use some help here if possable, I kindly ask if anyone knows were I can get a high power spring for my 22rd 40 caliber...Thanks

  4. Lone Wolf has springs as well as Midway last time I needed some.
  5. Thanks, I will check them out
  6. DRT


    try replacing the recoil spring too.

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