High-end Centerfire Pistol Buyer's Guide

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by bac1023, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Gorgeous. How aggressive is the front strap texture?

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  2. Not bad at all, but it does give a nice grip.

  3. :cool:

  4. I'm new to target shooting but would you include the FNH five seven in this group?
  5. mgs

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    Colt Gold Cup Series 70, Mike.
  6. I have that one too. Its a nice pistol, but I wouldn't include it in this group.
  7. I've got a pre series 70 GC and a newer GC Trophy.

    Both are outstanding, but this test wasn't about 1911s.
  8. bac:
    Thank you for such an informative post. I have always looked forward to your post when I sign on to the forum since I joined GT. I have steered many folks on other forums to your 1911 Buyer's Guide when I read about somebody in need of 1911 information.
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  9. Thanks Mike, much appreciated.

    As for the buyer's guide, the more that read it the better. That took me months to write, on and off, of course.
  10. He did rate accuracy first.
  11. Great thread BAC !

    One experts opinion on all of those fine guns, eliminates a lot of variables from too many opinions.
    Should be a big help for those wanting one from that list.
    CZ's look like a great value.

    I'd like to see you rate all the 1911's, and also compare them to the best in this list.

    Best do it soon before the newly re-elected communist Obama administration is talking about banning semi auto guns, and he now knows what you got !
  12. Were not talking Custom Guns in this thread.
    .....customized by a gang banger.
  13. Great Post ....but where do the Glocks. fall into the Mix ?????:crying:
  14. Thanks.

    I guess that would depend on your preference. I personally don't shoot Glocks particularly well.
  15. Very nice, Jeff :cool:

    I'm glad you like your X-Five. :)
  16. It's no surprise that you have the X-5 rated so high compared to all those other great pistols. It's truely a magnificent piece. :faint:
  17. It certainly is. :cool:
  18. aircarver

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    The only one of the collection that I own is the P88, and I agree with the rating you gave it.

    One gun that I feel would have been worthy of inclusion as a 'range gun' ('cuz it's too big for carry...:supergrin:
    is the CZ-97. It's my favorite (range) .45. I shoot it better than my P-220 Sig or my 1911 Colt.

  19. I'm actually not even sure I owned my CZ-97 when I posted this. I'll have to check.

    That said, it is certainly a very well built and accurate pistol. It it were a bit smaller and lighter, it would have been very popular.

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