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Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by shooter1234, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. I had two Kimbers before I got my Nighthawk. I honestly didn't think I'd be able to appreciate the difference the extra money spent on a Wilson, NHC, Ed Brown etc would make. When I got my Nighthawk, first mag out of the box, I shot a group half the size I did with my Kimber.

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  2. GreenDrake

    GreenDrake Rip Lips

    Wilson CQB is on my hit list, for sure. Handled and shot a friend's, it's definitely what I am looking for in a dream gun. And yes, I'd carry it.

  3. Posted by shooter1234; "All the weight, bulk, sharp edges, lack of magazine capacity, and levers and switches sticking out all over the place is tolerable to some people, for 400-700 dollars. I understand that. "

    All the weight; Glock 19 (stock) w/16 rounds of 124gn - 30.8 oz.
    Kimber Custom II w/8 rounds of 230gn - 44.7 oz.

    All that bulk; Glock 19 WIDTH 30 mm / 1.18 in
    1911 WIDTH 1.312 in

    Sharp edges; NONE in a properly dehorned 1911

    Levers and switches sticking out; 1911 slide release and thumb safety
    Glock slide release and takedown lever

    Wow! What a massive difference!

    I carried a Glock 19 undercover for 10 years.

    I have carried a 1911 for the last 11 since retiring.

    I will take the 1911 ANY DAY OF THE WEEK OVER THE GLOCK.

    It is much easier to conceal and much more comfortable to carry.

    And just to tweak you it's a Wilson Combat CQB Elite.
  4. the bottom line is nobody should have to justify why they buy what they do. if a hi point or stallard works for you then get it. no matter what people say about pricey firearms if you take them to the range they will want to shoot it. NOBODY is gonna stand there as you blast an old car from 400 yards away with a barrett loaded with incindeary rounds and say "nah, I don't want to shoot that". I have an SRM 1216 16 round semi auto shotgun that was over 2 grand, a 4 grand .308 (6 grand with scope) , 5 nighthawks, 2 SPAS 12 shotguns, british bren MKII made in 1943, 2 barrett 50's, barrett 338 lapua just to name a few. trijicon acog scopes on most of my rifles. people ask me why I look at them and say why not.
  5. Kingarthurhk

    Kingarthurhk Isaiah 53:4-9

    I have carred the Beretta 96D, the H&K USP .40, the Glock 19, Glock 26, the Sig 229 .40 DAK, and the Glock 17.

    I am not disputing the sleek nature of the 1911 with a light trigger. However, I just can't justify 2,500 for a botique 1911.

    For those of you that can, I am sure they are wondeful range/competition toys.

    I think when you are madated to carry a weapon not of your choice you develop a dislike of them. I am certain that if I was forced to carry a Glock 19 for 10 years, it might irritate me too, if it weren't my choice to do so.

    I fel that way about the Beretta 96D, and the Sig 299 DAK.

    I really hated both of them, and still do.

    I am fond of the Glock series of pistols, however. They are simple, nearly industructable, and go bang each and every time. I don't care how neat it looks, how shiny it might be, etc. If it doesn't go bang every time, I don't want it. If I can't get dirt and grit in it and still have it go bang every single time I don't want it. In my experience the only thing more reliable than a Glock is a quality revolver.

    Kimbers are pretty, but they are expensive and full of consumer complaints of jams.
  6. Then your experience is sorely limited.

    I would not carry any weapon that is not 100% reliable. All of my carry 1911's are just that. My "boutique" Wilson Combat being one of them.

    As to Glocks' reliability, well, let's say that a simple perusal of this board will disclose the fallacy of that concept.

    Additionally I worked with two MOS who had Glock Model 19's lock up tight in the middle of shootings on the stree.
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  7. I have glocks also. all the baby glocks with the exception of the 39. also 20, 24, 34, and 2 others I cant think of. my 20 I shot at least 500 rounds out of it so far and haven't cleaned it yet and it still functions flawlessly. some pistols do require more maintenance than others. my nighthawk 9MM jammed after 200 rounds with no cleaning. but after a takedown and lube it functioned with no issues. the tolerances are tighter on more expensive pistols than the less expensive ones. I believe this is why they don't function as well if exposed to sand, mud, etc. most guns are like this. most of my guns probably wont shoot flawlessly if I put dirt or sand in it. it doesen't mean they are not good firearms.
  8. I have been carrying my 1911 more. I have more confidence in shooting them. I only like the Middle Upper range like Wilson, Guncrafter, Ed Brown, etc.

    They're worth the money for reliability, accuracy and service. However, I do appreciate my other pistols, too, such as my premium 357 Magnum revolvers like the Performance Center Smith and Wesson or Colt Pythons.

    It's whatever someone wants to put into their hobby. One doesn't have to be a competitive shooter or sponsored celebrity. If one can afford it AND APPRECIATE the difference, then YES. It is worth it. Until you've owned one, you'll never know.
  9. Kingarthurhk

    Kingarthurhk Isaiah 53:4-9

    I've never had a Glock not fire. I've owned Glocks since the early 90's.
  10. Pearls before swine.
  11. nothing wrong with living large. some people who cant afford high end things will justify not having it by thinking what they have is just as good or better so why bother but we know if they had the means they'd buy one. I'm not saying this thread is such a case but it does happen.
  12. Screaming .357G

    Screaming .357G 598ci big block

    Yea, all the companys that make 1911 clones must have it wrong ;)
  13. heres your "boutique" 1911 that will run as hard as you will.
    is it worth it for a gun equal to a down payment on a cheaper car? not to me, would i turn it down if i could have it. probably, but then again im not a "look at me look at me" type and prefer to go unnoticed.
  14. Yes, high end 1911's scream "look at me" as they ride concealed in IWB holsters for daily carry.

  15. did i say anything about concealing it? not at all, but it goes well with the entire basis of the conversation, the ferraris and whatnot, not for me. i can afford to own a top end 1911, dont feel the need for one. the cost is not justified to me. but how many dont go "look at me look at me" after buying said ridiculous priced firearm or car? about 10% and thats being generous.
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  16. I carry my nighthawk every once in a while, but I also try to rotate my pistols and carry different ones. if i wanted to impress people I wouldn't carry pink handguns or baby glocks. I suck at shooting, in fact I don't like doing it. but I'm sure in the hands of an experienced shooter any of my nighthawks will outshoot all the other pistols I have (SIG, HK, S&W, dan wesson, FN, desert eagle,colt, glock, webley, taurus, springfield armory, american tactical, EAA, any of them)
  17. I think this argument is silly as hand guns are all about personal preference. It's like arguing over New York vs Chicago-style pizza. When it comes to personal preference, there is no right answer.

    For what it's worth, I've seen guys with $8,000 custom 1911's get absolutely shamed in IDPA/IPSC competitions by guys with bone-stock G17's. I've also seen guys brag about "Glock Perfection" with it's durability, rugged design making it the ultimate combat handgun. But these same guys never practice anything combat-related; malfunction drills, drawing and indexing, reloads, etc. Hell, most of them don't shoot more than 200 rounds a year and when they do it's from a static position at 7 yard static targets.

    The gun you own doesn't make you the shooter you want to be any more than owning a hammer makes you a carpenter.
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    Let me just say this; I've owned them all. 3 Wilsons, 2 Ed Browns, 2 Les Baer and 2 Nighthawks over a span of 10 years. They were great and works of art. I could shoot one hole, one inch groups with them all day long. Then one day I realized it was nuts to own them and I sold them all. Now I own a few Glocks and I'm happy. Sure, I'd love to have one Wilson CQB again, just becuase it was an amazing shooter. But I can honestly say that those expensive guns had more issues of one kind or another than any of my Glocks. And of the bunch, on Wilson had really good customer serivce. The other ones simply sucked. If you are a good shooter, after shooting one you will understand why folks love them. I can shoot my Glocks pretty darn good; but they will never shoot like a high end custom 1911.
  19. Some people climb mountains. Do you go around asking them why?
  20. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    I'm pretty much into HK's and Sig's myself.

    With that said, there is nothing in this world quite like a high end 1911. Unless you've ever owned one much less shot one, you'll never understand.

    It always makes me laugh when people that can't afford something nice take the time to bash what they can't have in order to convince themselves that it isn't better or that they don't need it.


    I'll always have a soft spot for high end 1911's. :cool:

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