Hi Point Pistols. Whats the deal?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Citadel15L, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. I just recently came across a friends Hi Point .40 SW pistol. He said he paid $180 for it. I figured it must have been pretty crummy. He went on to say it was the most accurate handgun he has ever shot. I haven't shot it, but I would like to because it seems hard to believe.
    Does anybody else have any experience with these guns? I wouldn't mind picking one up in 9mm or 45 as just another gun for the collection. Lord knows you can't ever have too many. I also heard they have a life-time warranty but I saw nothing about this on their website.

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  2. Hi Points have fixed barrels because they're blowback. Fixed barrel = accurate.

  3. I have one because I got it for free. Trigger is bad , diss-assembly requires a mallet (I don't bother) warrrentee is great - covers multiple owners and they pay shipping both ways and give you a free magazines

    but for $100-180 you can do worse
  4. Ugly
    excellent warranty
    fixed barrel has proven very accurate for me
    best $170 ive spent
  5. Almost everything I have read about Hi-Points is positive. However, it'll pull your britches down in a holster. Good truck or nightstand gun...maybe. I wouldn't have one but I never have and could be WRONG. :dunno:
  6. I have a C9 and like it quite a bit.
  7. I knew you had one, never heard you say you liked it! I thought it was just a niche filler. lol
  8. I had a C-9 (9mm) that worked like a champ. I kept it for several years, then got bored with it, and sold it for close to what I paid for it.

    Not a bad gun for the money.
  9. JaPes

    JaPes Rimfire 1010101

    I own a JHP 45 and am very happy with it. It is as accurate as any other pistol I own. I paid $120 new for mine. On the range when I pull the JHP45 out of the case, the reaction of other firearms enthusiasts are priceless. Instant negative stereotyping.


    All that goes away when the target tells the truth. Quarter size groups at 30ft (best I can do). Then one or two people will ask if they can shoot it. It's bunches of fun on the range.

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  10. collim1

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    The ones I have seen and shot work, plain and simple. Awful looking and heavy buy accurate and reliable.

    I personally wouldn't own one as I can afford a much more refined gun. Call me a snob, but I wont be trading my P239 for a C9 anytime soon.
  11. My buddy has the 45, it's bulky and heavy but it is pretty accurate.
  12. fallenangelhim

    fallenangelhim come get some

    Good to stow for SHTF/zombie fantasy incase you want to arm your troupe.

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  13. I have the C9 and 995 carbine, both have ran 100% for me.
  14. My old man has a buddy that has a Hi-Point JHP in .45 and offered it to my pops for $350, he called me to find out some info and I told him the gun isn't even that much brand new. He also came across a 995 (9mm) Carbine with the folding stock and fore grip, the guy wants $350 for that too. I told him he should pass but wouldn't hurt to make the guy an offer for $100 on the pistol, and maybe $250 on the rifle.

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