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  1. Longtime Glock fan aside from this new run of extractors/ejectors. I've owned G26, G19, G17 all reliable and accurate except for this latest G19, but I've got a G19 custom on the way to replace it, until it gets here I'm carryin a Sig.

    About me - 11B in the guard twice in OIF with Infantry, once to OEF with pogues, can't wait to get back in the field. Enjoy working out and training BJJ. Just got back from Gunsite and now want to practice shooting biweekly. Big supporter of 2nd Amendment rights.

    Here to find a solution to the recent reliability issues, and meet other Las Vegas Glock shooters and perhaps find or start a training group since I don't know any local ranges that will allow me to shoot a proper El President from the draw. :miff::miff:

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  2. Welcome to GT!

  3. :welcome: and thanks for your service!
  4. Look into the Boulder City Rifle & Pistol Club. They have a "members only" area. I practice drawing my weapon there a lot.
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    :welcome: From Michigan!

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