Hey, Tazz, how's the .223XR coming?

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by Tamara, Apr 19, 2000.

  1. Still Nothing? What happened to the people that were "ON IT"?

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  3. This is really a burr in my bum.
  4. hay Tazz10m, I am a machinist and also reload for the 10mm. i started a thread about necking down a 10mm to 224 but heck i will try a sabot first. If you want to pass on the drawing i will bang some sabots out maybe as soon as tomorrow night depending how difficult your design is. the thing is our shop is lacking work right now so one of our 9 Axis mill/lath is sitting dormit which would be perfect for turning these puppy's out at an amazing speed.
  5. Holy cow, Taz get back to this guy!!! Wooooot!
  6. Kegs

    Kegs Ol 8 fingers ;)

    Why do you guys want to go down to .223? Wouldn't a 6.5mm bullet be plenty fast and have better ballistics?
  7. Kegs, have you ever looked at the published ballistics of the .224 Boz ?
    Think semi-auto 221 Fireball !
    Not that it's practical for most, but a very neat concept.

    uncle albert
  8. Please god do something with this!
  9. I have a 1911 para frame pistol that I built in a custom caliber. Its a .30 mauser necked to .224. I called it .22-30 sbs. 45gr hornady bee bullets hit 2000fps from 6 inch bbl. Load is 9.5 gr hlilgun and cci 450 primer. 50kpsi+! The slide needed lightening, and I run 7lb rec spr. And 19 lb mainspring. But still only get 80% reliability. Function and misfires still bug me. Too much mass in the barrel because of that tiny hole instead of a big one. Primers neeed to be hard and thick. Also tried aa1680,vvn105,w296/h110,4227 and others. Cases made by annealing using a heatsink since they are too short to stand in water. First test gun was a t/c encore 20inch bbl. 2600 fps same loads! Pushed 35gr vmax to 3000 fps. Got maybe 1000 rds in rifle and 500 in pistol .........both fine. Did replace firing pins after some dragging and flame erosion/piercing w/early loads. Total cost w/r&d,parts,dies,reamer is above $5000.00
  10. gun and cart dimen

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  11. Tazz......... Your Fired!!!
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    No... now you're tossed in the dungeon for not bringing this to my attention. Bad poochg, BAD.

    Sorry, people, but i can't guess when and where this stuff gets posted. Learn to be squeaky wheels.

    I'll get on this asap.
  13. Might be time to go to a less-extreme case neckdown & use a sabot.
    Just a thought.

    uncle albert
  14. Tazz10m

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    I've tried to contact this KTknives guy a couple of different ways and so far the guy seems to have disappeared.

    The reason for going with a straight, standard, 10mm case that is not necked down is so that there is no need to buy a new barrel. Another advantage is that alternating rounds (.223XR, 10mm, .223XR, 10mm, etc.,) could be loaded in the same mag. And there are a bunch of other benefits as already discussed in this thread.

    At any rate, this project is technically not all that difficult. All we really need is a good machinist. The sabots could actually be "production machined" out of Teflon rod... so technically, we really don't even need to have a plastic injection mold made and mold them in order to have them fairly cheaply. And, technically we don't want to make a mold until we get the sabot design dialed in right... so... it's back to machining. Also, if there is a sabot for another caliber that is already made for .223, which there is, (.308) we could conceivably start with a "go between" sabot to carry that sabot... (.400 -.308). But, again, it's likely back to machining because i don't think any such sabot already exists. I can't believe we don't have a machinist amongst us... or at least someone with a metal turning lathe.
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    I just googled JT knives, thinking maybe the guy owned a company with such a name, turns out there is! The contact email on the website is joe@jtknives.com...perhaps trying this email contact will work?
  16. Thank god this has gone somewhere since I last checked in! I will start checking in more often. maybe every month instead of every 6.....
  17. If someone wants to send me the designs, I can see if the machinist we use on a regular basis, can do it.

    We have a good relationship with him.
  18. for god sakes give him the specs!
  19. the specs man! THE SPECS!
  20. Idea: Lets all pitch in on a cheap 3d printer and make the damn things to see if it works, then when we have time to tinker with stuff we can worry about larger-scale production. anyone like this idea? I have been kicking it around in my head for a while, but haven't had a chance to log on here. The printer would not have to be that precise, as the prototypes could be hand-sanded if need be.

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