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hey guys!

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by adamrs, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. adamrs


    Sep 24, 2012
    and girls- :wavey:
    just stopping on and saying hello from provo- been a glock fan for a while - and a gun fanatic forever. Just started reading this forum a little while ago and thought I d post - I have 2 glocks- 26 and 17, carry what ever is concealable and looking at trading my 17 for a 23, shaving the finger grips (dont fit my fingers) and getting a 40-9 barrel. I ll have some questions for you guys! also soon I ll be trading my xd 45 for the G20.

    thanks glock talk!

  2. janice6

    janice6 Silver Member

    Apr 4, 2006
    Welcome to GT.
  3. oily_oink

    oily_oink ###########

    Jun 23, 2006
    Metro. Detroit