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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by 45Frank, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. I am new here as well as to Glocks, just bought a G30 and was hoping for some information. Thank you
    But I need to know why my post are being deleted with no explanation? I was critical of a company and their horrible service a long with many many others, so it's not just me
    Is this forum not doing it's members a disservice by not allowing it's members about a vender who is just horrible and doesn't return calls or e-mails but does take your money?!?!?!?
    If we are posting against the rules please let us know what rules when you delete our post.
    Thank you.

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  3. Hi frank. Did you get an infraction? What gun did you have a problem with?

  4. There was a few threads started by others regarding Glockmeister. I found this forum by googling glockmeister so I seen I wasn't the only one having problems with them but it seems the treads/post are disappearing if you talk negative about them. Isn't that a disservice to the other forum members?
  5. You might notice that the Company in question is a sponsor on this site. Bad for the bottom line to badmouth a sponsor.

    Also might be a good idea to swim in the pool a bit before making waves.
  6. janice6

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    Greetings. This site does have a TOS.
  7. Word. Around here it's customary to PM a mod to find out WTF you did wrong. Threads about locked threads get locked.
  8. First rule in Glocktalk: don't talk about Glockmeister
  9. Does it do the forum justice to have a sponsor who treats it's customer in such away? Before post were deleted there were some complaining about waiting a month to get a return e-mail after placing an order, can't leave a phone message their box is full.
    Well I like reading the forums if nothing else, nothing like getting answers from those who do rather then those who think they know.
  10. Well, it just could be that it looks like a new member joined for the purpose of badmouthing a sponsor. Someone with no reputation on the forum bashing a sponsor, or anyone, doesn't have much credibility. No reason for anyone to give it weight so why bother with a thread like that?
  11. Well it wasn't just me I bet there dozens complaining about the same thing. As I said I googled glockmeister bad service or something along those lines and found this site. So you delete all the complaints without explanations.
    I figure this site just isn't for me then, if you can't complain about awful service that boarders on theft because it's a sponsor I really don't want nothing to with such a site because it looks like the site sponsors such business practice. I'm sure someone will flag this because I am critical of a bad sponsor so they may just as well delete my account.
  12. skeeter7

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  13. floorburn_21

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    Getting an email back at all from anywhere right now is a good thing. The amount of time it takes to respond to the thousands of emails daily must be overwhelming. You may think it's easy to just hire someone to field those is easy, but it isn't. It would also affect the bottom line, which would drive prices up. In today's world you can get things cheap, fast and of good quality. Pick two.

    Some of us have bought online before, and realize there's some trust involved. These companies (most) are doing their damnedest to get product out, at fair prices, as fast as possible. I'm waiting on a lpk from palmetto, a lower from Shadow Ops, ammo from Sportsman's guide (pre panic purchase), 20 round pmags from bo-tach, and a few odds and ends. I would've bought these all anyways at some point, and none of them are "necessary," so I guess that might make it easier for me. You need to understand you aren't their only customer to take care of.
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  14. robin303

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    Never had a problem with them.
  15. Sorry but once they take my money I do expect to be treated like a paying customer. Come on for real their voice mail has a full box for months now.:steamed: I am a regular on two other forums and one for 8 years and this company has complaints out the wazoo. It is my fault I didn't check them out over there before ordering. According to their website nothing is back ordered and if that was the case I could accept that. But not to return messages just not to have an influx of cancelled orders is bush.
    Good day folks
  16. Yes siree, mail box still full (Sorry can not add anymore) after all this time. ALL OF THEM!!!!! I figure since they aren't even answering calls on the sales line that they just up took the money and left.
    I will be contacting the local BBB and all other related agencies in the area.
  17. faawrenchbndr

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    This one, will soon, also be locked and/or deleted.
    Not a great idea To slam a forum Sponsor,.....use some common sense.
    Try the smart approach, send a Mod or Eric a POLITE pm asking the question!

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  18. I am so so so so so so AMAZED at the lenght some will go to PROTECT a sponsor who OBVIOUSLY is fleecing members, WOW just WOW. Don't believe me just go to their web-site and give a call.:steamed::wow::steamed::wow: I have them in phone and call a few times per day.
    Common sense would be to check them out and see why they are taking on-line orders and not only not returning calls but not even allowing messages. I have been a lifelong shooter/enthusiast and think folks who take advantage of situations like this should be ashamed of them self.
    Remember this quote. "never let a serious crisis go to waste".

  19. smokeross

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    People complain about the Chevy pop up ads all the time.
  20. faawrenchbndr

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    You need a bit less caffeine.
    Not sure of exactly what the issues at hand is, seems you have edited
    first post. If you are complaining about Glockmeister, you are in the wrong.
    I've been dealing with them for years, never had an issue.
    Remember this quote!
    "Poor planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on our part"

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