Here we go again..

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by BSA70, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. I can't find small primers anywhere. Maybe things will get better:crying:

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  3. They will, but all the smart reloaders bought BEFORE the election, like last summer.

  4. I stocked up a while back, topped off last week when Obama mentioned gun control. I still need to get some lead 45 rounds, but those are not usually hard to find.

    I have not seen any major price increases in my local gun shops yet, but from what I am reading, the prices are going up fast in some areas.

    Best bet is to find a good website that will let you back order and get on the list.
  5. I would put in a back order with Powder Valley.
  6. I really haven't seen any sort of primer shortage here. Two weeks ago I dropped by Walmart, and they had 10,000+ CCI small pistol primers on the shelf, so I bought 2000 (I was down to my last 1000).:whistling:
  7. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    I find it a little bit funny that its SPP and you can find plenty of SRP. any ammo ban will focus on 223-5.56 ammo first.

    New reloaders can be excused but anyone else should have at least 10k on hand.
  8. Agree, but consider the SPP is used in 9mm, 40, 38sp, it's going to go fast. A lot more folks reload handgun ammo than rifle & shoot more handgun ammo than rifle. I agree, unless you have at least 5K of each size on hand, you are running short IMO. When I break into my last 5K box, I order another 5K.:wavey:

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