Here it is guys AWB ban Thusday

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by James Dean, Jan 22, 2013.

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  2. Joshhtn

    Joshhtn The eBay Guy
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    No chance of it going anywhere.

  3. I hope your right. She may have jumped the gun with todays news
    in Texas hopping it was worst than it really is
  4. Wacko members of congress present such legislation in dead seriousness, and nothing to worry about?

    Gun owners are only going to lose one major battle, and our rights will be never be restored.
    Can't happen here, ask anyone in New Orleans....

    When are gunowners are going to get get some backbone?

    We need to fund our gun organizations to win.
  5. I would like to think that the AWB would die quickly, but after the Obamacare shenanigans, I don't put anything past these crooks. They shoved a massive unconstitutional tax increase through the both houses WITHOUT EVEN READING IT!!!

    We are screwed.
  6. While I don't disagree about not trusting them, the democrats no longer control the House. It's basically dead on arrival.
  7. We shall see. I hope you are right. But these cats tend to pull some outrageous stunts and the Right just stand around shrugging their shoulders wondering what happened. Look at the Fiscal Cliff, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Algeria, EPA tactics, Clinton's amnesia... virtually no accountability with this guys.
  8. I hate to say it but the Republicans have been ***** slapped at every turn. The Dems seem to be just better at politics. Sneaky, lying, do anything to pass what they want. I hope the GOP grows a pair, or we will all be done.
  9. Not going anywhere. Dems in red states are feeling too much heat. They may pay lip service to it on camera, but will find some convenient reason not to vote for it.

    There will be no AWB

    There will be no asinine mag restriction either
  10. I agree this isn't going anywhere. This is all posturing to say they tried and can save face for the next elections.

    This will accomplish one thing, though: it will be stuck in legislation for months or more and cause desirable guns and ammunition to be unavailable due to panic buying. Criminals can't afford to pay $3000 for a used AR and it also helps the economy, as people are cool paying 300% of what these guns cost only months ago.

    Like it or not, the demo-tards are owning this battle. And the battle is going to go on for months and years. Mark my words.

    Also, didn't she already say she was going to introduce this a few weeks ago and didn't? Typical politician: say one thing, do another.
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  11. There is only a tiny handful of legislators who are willing to put their name on the vote. The rest of them know that a 'yes' vote would be a death warrant signature for their job. It won't make it to the floor, because none of them want to go down as having to vote one way or another.
  12. It is hard for Republicans to get any traction when the entire MSM is eating out of Obama's hand! The Inauguration coverage is a classic example of that.
  13. da ****? NFA status for all grandfathered "assualt weapons"? does that mean i have to pay $200 for a NFA stamp? jesus christ, what in the world is wrong with the boobs in DC?
  14. Lord

    Lord Senior Member

    I saw a video on youtube where she's bragging about her last AWB, and how if she'd just had 51 of the votes in the Senate, she would have forced all americans (Mr and Mrs America) to march in and turn in their guns...

    in fact I found the video...

    check this B**** out

    [ame=""]Dianne Feinstein Gun ban in 1995 - She wanted to Ban all guns, Force turn in - YouTube[/ame]
  15. Yet they want to convince American gun owners they only want reasonable compromise,Not! No Compromise,Shall Not Be Infringed! SJ 40
  16. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member


  17. All Americans except her security officers.

    Where is her Hitler mustache?
  18. Jerry

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    Ve half veys oft making you comply. Finestein! Imagine that! A Jew with a Nazi agenda. :whistling:
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