Here are official gelatin results for all of the DoubleTap loads!

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by MCNETT, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. steelvipersedg

    steelvipersedg 10mm Rules!

    :rock:that is the best performance I have ever seen out of any auto pistol. Does anyone know if outside testing ever colaborated these results..

    Still they are awsome

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  2. SolidBrass

    SolidBrass Against Shiny

    It doesn't say if those speeds are chono'd. I'm guessing that they were not and taken from the box. DT chrono videos on youtube show they are a good 10+% weaker the box lists. The gel depth is impressive for sure, I just wonder what they would do with velocity numbers that were truthful. (AKA Swamp Fox and Underwood)

  3. Very good info to have. Thanks a lot for taking the time and making this available to all of us out here! Very cool of you...
  4. I presume McNett has never bothered to respond to questions about the accuracy of his claims. This "data" would be really interesting if it were to be believed.
  5. cookand

    cookand War Eagle!!

    He won't address the ridiculous inaccuracies in his advertised velocities. Still wondering why this is push pinned...:upeyes:
  6. gator378

    gator378 Gator378

    I use the 200 grain XTP with 13.0 grains of AA#9. Average velocity is 1113 with s=7.3. I gave trying to get to 1200fps for various reasons. Pressures were getting to the edge. If I need more power the 44 Mag is pressed into service.
  7. gator378

    gator378 Gator378

    I chronoed on 25 Sept 2012 10 rounds from 13 May 2004, lot number, 000079, the 200grain XTP. I got an average for 10 rounds of 1163 fps with s= 16.53

    Not 1250 but good enough for me. I suspect that getting 1250 out of the short Glock 20 barrell may be pushing pressures to the line. Next project is getting the 6 inch Barstow barrell.
  8. Warp



    That's a full size pistol.

    What length barrel are they using for their numbers?
  9. So is the OP still good? Or is it out of date?
  10. Warp


    I certainly wouldn't buy anything from DT and expect performance such as what was tested 7+ years ago.

    But then gelatin results aren't the whole story anyway, even when they are currently relevant.
  11. So no one has done any studies of the most recent stuff?
  12. double post
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  13. Double Tap 200gr WFNGC and 230gr WFNGC

    The 200gr were from lot #007400, the 230gr from lot #007383. I bought 3 boxes in 2011. I contacted Double Tap last week and they sent one free box of Nosler 200gr jhp (I requested a non-cast load). The email from Rhett McNett, simply said, "thanks for calling it to our attention..we'll send you a box of ammo for your inconvenience. The problem has been taken care of" I am a long time DT customer. This is the first time there has been a significant problem. As someone on the cast boolits forum said, "if something this obvious got past them, who knows what is happening with less obvious probs." (I'm paraphrasing).

    BTW. this sort of casting phoobah is caused by casting in a cold mold. Someone else viewing the photos thought that the change of color midway down the case could be from putting the loaded rounds through a resizing die. I am very far from understanding the fine points of ammo loading so, I don't know. I do know that seeing these has me concerned about what I buy from Double Tap.

    The replacement ammo (Nosler jhp) NOT look too good, unless the weird stuff inside the hollow point is actually Russian caviar. [​IMG]

    (The fuzzy yellow around the bullet is just some micro fiber cloth that I wrapped the cartridge to help hold it for the picture).
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  14. Warp


    I've never been a fan of Double Tap. Bought from them once, years ago. Never again.
  15. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    I have personally had good results with the component WFNGCs from DT. They have been consistently sized and uniform weight. The only knock I have seen is the occasional inconsistent lube on a few of the bullets where part was missing.

    Obviously there is some inconsistent QC over there. How a bullet like that could pass through to the customer unnoticed is baffling to me. First, no one noticed during casting. Then nobody bothered to notice during loading into ammo, or afterwards during packaging? Wow.
  16. Calibrated gelatin is the only qualitative, empirical, and most importantly, standardized, measurement of terminal performance available.

    I think Intercooler might have had some DT that he was planning to send for the next batch of tests, but that could be some time. He sent me a LOT of ammo to work through.
  17. Wow, now that's some CRAP ammo. What is going on with Double Tap? 10mm and .45ACP stuff I've bought from Mike several years ago was above average for factory loadings and a little slower in velocity than advertised, but those castings are crap. Now you wonder what's wrong with the stuff in the case too. I still have some 200 grain WFNGC in10mm that were/are decent. I don't think I'd shoot those though! Quality Control ignored a few too many lots.
  18. Warp


    This should not be a surprise.
  19. You know what double tap should probably do....

    Close :rofl:
  20. As is often the case in business, ego seems to be getting in the way. All he needs to do is issue a lame apology and change the numbers on the box flap. The ammo is still hotter than most, though not as good as Underwood. People would buy his stuff if he wasn't an arrogant jackass. As it is it looks like his company will go under before he cops to what he did.

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