Here are official gelatin results for all of the DoubleTap loads!

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by MCNETT, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Mike, thanks for the information.

    It would appear that my choice would be the 135gr or the 165gr GD's. While the 165gr GD's offer more in the way of expansion, I'm wondering if the fragmented pieces of the 135gr HP would possibly create secondary wound channels. If so, perhaps the 11" of penetration would quite adequate.

    In any case, either choice in my G20 or 1066 should be up to the job if ever required(and I hope it's NEVER required!). Again Mike, a big "Thank You" for everything you've done, not just for the 10mm community.


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  2. here is a big thank you mike for all you have done for us on gt. :ladiesmn:

  3. +1....minus the kisses ;) PGH~
  4. Thanks Mike McNett for the impressive data, which I also look forward to seeing on the 9mm when it's released on August 15, 2005.
  5. Thanks McNett for all you do and that's great data you posted. I've been a .357 and .45acp all my life and I really like the 10mm; seems to be the best of both worlds. ;Y ^c ^6

    Bob <c>b
  6. Hey Mike, can you add the 9mm loads to this list please. Thankyou.;c
  7. JMag

  8. I've done some testing with 1 3/4" cinder block slabs and the 200gr XTP shed it's jacket 50% of the time above 1030fps.

    I had one 230gr Golden Saber (.45acp) lose its jacket at 890fps but not all bullets were recovered. The 10mm is more spectacular when hitting a slab, but the .45acp does the same job. Both go through cinder block walls.

    This week I plan on running the same test with 180gr Gold Dots and Golden Sabers 10mm. If there's time I'll run the same test with 185gr GS in .45acp.

    I also have some .357mag Nosler 158gr that need to be used for comparison. :)

  9. +1 I really want to see what happens to the 135gr. HP at 1600fps!
  10. Governor

    Governor NRA member

    Could you please post the 9mm results as well?

  11. Wolf Spyder

    Wolf Spyder Gun Activist

    Out standing.
  12. I also am anxiously waiting for the 9mm results. ;b
  13. pangris

    pangris Moderator

    Very, very impressive.
  14. Soybomb

    Soybomb Optimistic Fool

    Wow 1"+ is amazing. What barrel length was used for these tests btw?
  15. MCNETT

    MCNETT Load Developer
    Lifetime Member

    A stock G20 was used for the 10mm testing. I will post the 9mm results tomorrow!
  16. pangris

    pangris Moderator

    Which is today :) Surely by 9mm you mean 9x23? ;)
  17. Soybomb

    Soybomb Optimistic Fool

    I wonder how much a smaller barrel changes things. I can't wait to get a 10mm and buy some either way though!
  18. pangris

    pangris Moderator

    FWIW, it would be great to see the ballistics from a G19 or similar sized barrel, as many people will carry that package...

    And seriously, where are the 9x23 rounds?

  19. The same place as my DoubleTap .32acp rounds......probably not made yet. ~sd
  20. pangris

    pangris Moderator

    the DT .32 ACP... 50 grs at 2300 FPS... ;)

    You know, a .380 developed specifically for the Kel-Tec 3AT... now that would be interesting!

    But no where near as intereting as that 9x23!


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