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  1. I guess this isn't "Black Rifle" news but Henry just debuted a .45-70, which is good news for me since I've wanted a lever .45-70 but was holding off while Marlin went through their quality problems. Now I don't have to wait...


    I've always heard good things about the Big Boy Henrys. Anyone see any reason not to jump?

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  3. smokeross

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    Hopefully it will be able to shoot the full house loads like the Marlin 95. The .45-70 lever action is a popular carry gun up here with outdoorsmen. Especially with an 18" barrel.

  4. Settle down, Mr. Murphy. I'm not as perfect as you, but you should be nice to us mentally challenged posters.
  5. Why can't you make a loading gate, Henry? That's the ONLY thing holding me back from buying one.

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