Henry .22 lever action for Christmas.

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by marano, Dec 25, 2012.

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    I'm jealous too. Don't shoot your eye out!

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    I got one of the first H001 models several years ago when they became available at Academy Sports and have been more than pleased with it. While some folks are concerned that it may not last with hard use, I can assure you that it will, and will also be quite accurate too.

    I bought mine to replace a Marlin 39, which was the biggest disappointment I ever had, due to its roughness, malfunctioning, and general shoddy workmanship. Note that the 39 was a pre-Remlin.

    My Henry .22 has been used a lot, never had a misfeed, is easy to shoot when teaching the grandkids and shows no signs of ever wearing out. Marano, use it in good health, and let Mr. Imperato know what you think of it. Someday, funds permitting, I'd like to get a Golden Boy to round out my .22 corral.



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  3. ........
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  5. That's great! I plan on buying a .22 mare's leg tomorrow!
  6. Don't you just love woman who know what to get their man for Christmas? Congrats on a fine woman, and, a fine rifle!
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    You will not be disappointed. The thing shoots just as good as it looks. I plan on handing it to my son in a few years as his first rifle but I'll make sure it works fine until then.
  8. A Henry 22 Lever is on my bucket list.

    And after I shoot it a few times, I'll hand it down.
    It is that type of rifle.
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  9. ARP


    I may pick it up tomorrow as I had a profitable few days of work this week. It has a few bumps and bruises, have a few minor concerns with the bluing on the magazine tube and a few spots of rust. Debating as to whether I should replace the tube or cold blue it and see if that works. Bluing looks uneven on the tube. 2 are available to me, one brand new and the used one I have on hold, about $130 in price difference new vs used.

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