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Help on a new video card install

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by streeter69, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. streeter69

    streeter69 This is Kewl

    Nov 25, 2001
    I like annoying people.
    I purchased a diamond stealth s80. I followed what it says and I am still stuck on tv monitor. Altho my computer still works, I think a blind man can see everything;e
    I tried to updated drivers, I updated my O/S, what it tells me to do on install is not working. Do you think it is in the bios??
  2. NetNinja

    NetNinja Always Faithful

    Oct 23, 2001
    HotLanta, GA
    HUH? ok lets be a little more specific.

    Stuck on TV monitor?

    You purchased a new video card. OK.

    What were you using before?

    What is the OS you are using?

    Did you remove the old graphics drivers before you installed this new card?

  3. chevrofreak

    chevrofreak Senior Member

    Dec 27, 2001
    Billings, Montana
    Right click on your desktop, click properties, click settings, click advanced.

    If you have your TV hooked up to your video card when you boot the computer for the first time with the new card, the card detects the TV and will enable TV output. Look around on those tabs for some settings that you can change to go to analog monitor only.
  4. streeter69

    streeter69 This is Kewl

    Nov 25, 2001
    I like annoying people.
    I do not have tv hooked up, I have a regular crt monitor. When I reboot computer it does show I have wrong monitor but will not allow me to change it?
    You think I should try and delete the drivers again and start all over?