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HELP! new gun law???

Discussion in 'Florida Glockers Club' started by boarhunter, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Help ! MY florida glocksters, today on am radio news I herd part of some gun law was passed, but Im not sure if it did . Its bill name is guns at work ,or some thing like that.They said that its stoping us from keeping a gun in your car at work. I herd something a long time ago but did the bill pass.........Ill try to find it at the state gun act bill/ laws....If anyone has info on this bull**** law "please post it ". "Thanks," Big John
  2. cal45


    Jan 21, 2001
    Orlando, Florida

    Florida "Employee Rights" Legislation Needs Your Help! Your help is needed to pass HB 1417 and SB 2356. STOP corporate giants from trampling our Second Amendment Rights. Representative Dennis Baxley (R-24) and Senator Durell Peaden (R-2) have filed identical companion bills to stop anti-gun businesses from searching customer and employee vehicles in parking lots and from taking punitive action against people who keep firearms in their vehicles for self-defense and other lawful purposes. Please contact the members of the House Environment & Natural Resources Council and the Senate Criminal Justice Committee.>Bill%20Info:S%202356->Session%202007

  3. Yes thats what I herd, but did it pass, or is it still pending..As of today it sounded like it passed and is in effect all ready. I coulded not find anything it the state level, on that law,or its just another hidden Law /bill thats trying to pass under our nose!Ill check out that web site . Thanks Big John
  4. Usingmyrights

    Usingmyrights Jr Member

    Jul 4, 2005
    Jacksonville, FL
    I don't think it did. It was defeated last year, and is up again this year. I don't even see where this law is even a debate. Employers don't go looking through cars for drugs or kiddie porn. Why should they for something that is legal to own.
  5. rich52us


    Mar 28, 2006
    WPB, FL
    This was on the TV news last night. It is aparently up for debate again in the FL Legislature. It is being supported by the NRA.
  6. I found this post on glock talk.. and Im hearing more and more stuff like it......WHAT THE hell is going on! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    ANTIOCH, Tenn.- Some people in a Nashville neighborhood are furious over a new rule that makes it illegal to own a gun.

    Residents in Nashboro Village said it's unconstitutional and leaves them defenseless.

    Two weeks ago, residents received a letter from their homeowners' association indicating that guns are not allowed on the property.

    "It thought it was ironic that they say you can't have something when the United States government says you can," said resident Cristina Salajanu.

    Salajanu would like to give her neighborhood management company a history lesson.

    "I think it's unconstitutional," Salajanu said. "They can't tell you what to own or not to own in your own house."

    Salajanu is talking about the Bill of Rights, specifically the Second Amendment, which grants citizens the right to keep and bear arms. It's been an American freedom for 215 years but Salajanu and other residents said it's been taken away from them.

    "Something needs to be done," she said.

    Two weeks ago, the property management company at Nashboro Village told its residents no more guns on the property.

    "It incensed me that it was written the way it was," said a resident who asked not to be identified.

    She said there is a serious need to feel protected here and a firearm can do that.

    "We've got dark areas, the lighting is very definitely very dim," she said.

    Salajanu said that burglaries started to increase since late summer...

    She said she believes her neighborhood has changed since she moved in last year.

    "Three weeks ago someone was stopped at gunpoint," Salajanu said. "It seems the nature of those burglaries is becoming more dangerous."

    Some residents at Nashboro Village have campaigned for better lighting and more security but if they can't get either they at least want their Second Amendment rights upheld.

    "If I'm walking if I'm walking my dog or if I am outside walking and if I don't feel safe and I'm licensed then I'll carry a gun," said the resident who did not want her identity disclosed.

    Officials with Ghertner and Company, the property manager at Nashboro Village, would not make an on-camera comment about the gun policy but said they plan on changing the rule soon to allow firearms on the property.

    However, they would make it illegal to fire those guns, which residents say is still unconstitutional.

    Neighbors said they understand the gun rule is meant to keep criminals out of Nashboro Village but they don't believe that prohibiting firearms is the best way to do that.


    I'm not even sure what to say.



    "The law is an imperfect tool, not a tin god to be worshiped and sacrificed to, the goal is justice and compassion, not blind obedience." -- RonS

    Last edited by nacroswnd on 03-20-2007 at 05:53
  7. I also found a few more places including "Blockbusters DVD rental" that has a posted sign up at front door no weapons knifes, guns ,ect; allowed its a store policy.. NO store, NO hambuger place, NO movietheater, will ever stop me from packing my GLOCK!
  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford mmhmm

    Oct 2, 2003
    Calm down.. take a few deep breaths.. try reading the thread you started.

    The law in question is a good thing and protects your ability to work and not have to leave your gun at home due to a "no weapons" policy on company property.

    The signs you mention posted on private businesses are the rules that they person who owns that property would like you to abide by. Nothing more. You can be told verbally to leave any piece of private property for almost any reason; refusing = trespassing. Trespassing while armed = jail.
  9. Gmountain


    May 8, 2004
    Ignore those signs. If you start avoiding places because of the signs (for whatever reason), you've actually let them win, and you are now taking us all down the slippery slope of people expecting to obey signs.
  10. Usingmyrights

    Usingmyrights Jr Member

    Jul 4, 2005
    Jacksonville, FL
    What signs? Oh, those signs. I thought those were just there to let the criminals know that you don't want them carrying. :upeyes:
  11. Rusty, I know the thread I started, Thank you , And I read it .Im just pissed off at how florida and the world could fall to such tree huging anti gun people that just sit back and let good people die everyday because they cant own a gun! Or have to many laws that stops them from carring it or even owning a firearm.The laws keep taking our rights from us everyday, if we or I just sit back and not speak out we are just as bad as the people that write them. Great websites like Glock talk let us share to our common brothers . Big John
  12. FlaChef

    FlaChef Steyroid

    Jul 4, 2004
    folowing cal45's link to the nraila site on this bill I sent an e-mail to all the comitee members in both houses....

    Dear Legislators,
    I am writing you to voice my support for these two bills currently in your respective committees.

    Both my wife and I are employed by a rather large resort/theme park here in the Orlando area that can and does sometimes use dogs to randomly check vehicles coming and going into employee parking lots; not for drugs or other illegal substances, but for explosives (rightfully so on that part), and weapons/ammo that we are legally allowed to have.

    Like a lot of people who work for this company we do not live in a very great neighborhood. A law enforcement officer I shoot matches with once asked me "You stay armed all the time living there don't you?"

    Both of us are competition pistol shooters and have valid FL CWP's. Responsible law abiding gun owners in other words. Sometimes we have to go back to the house and drop off our guns and all ammo before going into work for the night shift on the weekends. This takes us nearly an extra hour and has even caused us to have to remove ourselves from matches early to be able to make it to work on time.

    While neither of us would ever feel the need to carry a weapon while at work (and indeed I do believe they have the right to forbid that as long as we are on "their time"). I do feel that it is against the spirit of FL Section 790 statutes for an employer to be able to threaten it's workers with termination for obeying all laws on secure transport in a private conveyance.

    While the having to cut matches short to go all the way back home is an inconvenience the part that actually worries me though is coming home at one or two a.m. unarmed in my area of town (or worse, the nights my wife had to while pregnant). I have had to stop for gas on the way home at that hour and even been approached by an obviously intoxicated pedestrian while at a stop light once (thankfully he just wanted spare change, but I was very aware that if he had produced a weapon I was quite effectively trapped and couldn't have just driven off due to other stopped cars in front of me).

    While I know there will be much fear mongering in the media as these bills pass through the legislature, I would remind you that no employer rules would stop someone intent on violence and that there is nothing to stop someone of ill intent from bringing a weapon into the work place. All these rules put into place by companies really do is rob us law abiding citizens from exercising our legal rights as Florida gun owners through fear of termination.

    From a registered and active independent voter,
  13. Kwesi


    Sep 23, 2006
    I frequent two gun shops in my area. The first that I visted clearly states NO guns in big letters/picture on the door. I didn't think anything was wrong as it is my understanding that at least in FL a business owner has the right to post such.

    Then I go the 2nd gun shop and see no such notice on their door. So I ask them if it is okay to carry (I was carrying at the time) and they said "yes it is ok and we prefer that you carry".

    They went on to explain that the only business that DOES NOT have the right to stop you from carrying ARE gun shops; they are the only exempt business under the law they said.

    They expalined that many of the attempted robbery's on gun shops have been prevented by customers that were carrying!

    What a contrast and I wasn't expecting their perspective!
  14. Gmountain


    May 8, 2004
    They are both wrong. Scary, isn't it? Unless carry in a place is prrohibited by statute, it is okay. Signs have no legal effect.
  15. Kwesi


    Sep 23, 2006
    Hello Jeff; so are you saying that any owner of any business has the right to restrict who they allow inside their business or shall I say ask you to leave IF they find you are carrying; even though there is no statute that is violated?
  16. Gmountain


    May 8, 2004
    Sure. The owner of a business can ask you to leave if he discovers you are carrying.

    They can also ask you to leave because they don't like your clothing, or the car you drove up in, or the color of your hair or really for any reason at all.

    When asked to leave, then you must. If you don't leave you are trespassing; if you are armed, then it's armed trespasssing.

    The sign has no meaning though. If they find out you are carrying, they can ask you to leave, but at that point no laws have been broken.
  17. Kwesi


    Sep 23, 2006
    Thank you for educating me on the law! Then yes, it is scary based on the FFL's comments.

    PM sent!
  18. Droanx


    Apr 2, 2006
    It's quite simple. People make up laws to make themselves look cool. :)
  19. kilo905


    Nov 14, 2006
    The actual issue involves whether the property owner's right to regulate his private property trumps your right to carry a firearm.

    As an example, you can burn an American flag in protest at a public park, and be protected under the 1st Amendment. However, if you try to burn said flag in my business parking lot, you will take and ass whipping, and then be tossed out.

    The same train of though applies to firearms. If the property owner does not want them on their property, some folks feel that this trumps your right to carry. The specific issue with this bill involves employees leaving firearms in their vehicles while parked in an employers parking lot.

    If the manager at the Blockbuster with the "No Guns" signs somehow sees your concealed firearm (shame on you), he can ask you to leave, and you must, by law comply, and take your business elsewhere. The issue is not that you are carrying, but that you must leave a premise when ordered to do so by someone having dominion over it (i.e. manager). Unfortunately, if an employee is caught with a firearm against company policy, he may be terminated.

    While I certainly understand, the business owner's desire to regulate his private property, I find it difficult to swallow terminating an employee who safely secured a firearm in his vehicle while in a parking lot.