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Help needed from all you wine aficionados

Discussion in 'Food Forum' started by lwt210, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. lwt210


    Nov 28, 2001
    I am looking for a good wine to go with the following meats. Nothing too pricey but I do want a cork in it and not MD 20/20 screw top rot gut.

    Steak, grilled chicken, and grilled shrimps.

    Any suggestions? I have been told that a red will be what I will probably need but thought that I would check with the experts before making a purchase.

    Thanks in advance. Need replies by 02/03 if at all possible.;c
  2. I would suggest a good french ( yeap french ) wine. Like something from the Beaujolis-Village region. When I lived in Spain everybody used a std red table wine for lunch & dinner meals. Whent well with most red and white meats ( on avg ) and very cheap.

    BTW:I perfer any thing from "Georges Dubceuf" great wine produce from some great grapes. For white wine anything Italian. California and Chile also have a lot of good picks too.

  3. MrsKitty


    Mar 23, 2003
    I am a firm believer in not worrying about following the rules with what-goes-with-what so far was whites with this and reds with that.

    Find something that you like and don't worry too much about what it "goes with" per say. If it tastes good and don't overpower your meal, enjoy.

    I will drink what I like with what I want;)

    If anybody questions it, tell them that it is ok since your food forum moderator said so ;f (like she knows....)
  4. hispeedlodrag

    hispeedlodrag needs vacation

    Dec 12, 2003
    around here
    In general terms I would recommend a Cabernet or Burgundy for the steak, a Chardonnay or Semillion for the yardbird, and Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio for the shrimp. For casual dining and imbibing, you can't go wrong with 1.5s of Mondavi Woodbridge. Good price/big bottles/good vino.
  5. Remander


    Nov 9, 2002
    A GREAT white is Kendall-Jackson 2001 Chardonnay. About $10 or $11 a bottle. Easy to find in most grocery or liquor stores. Most chardonnay tastes about the same to me, no matter the price, but this one is a favorite in our house because it stands out from the others. It has a little something extra that I am too dumb to articulate but, trust me, it's good.

    Another good bet is Yellow Tail, an Australian wine. Their chardonnay is good, and their shiraz (red) is even better (one of my faves), and is less than $9 a bottle.

    Jinda Lee is another brand of inexpensive Australian wine that offers a good chardonnay and shiraz for less than $8.

    These brands also offer merlot, cab, etc., but I have taken a shine to shiraz for red wine. It has a little pop but still has a lot of fruit taste w/o being sweet.

    For a few bucks more, Rabbit Ridge makes a good Cabernet in the $15 range. Little more harsh and less fruity than a shiraz, but that's the nature of a cabernet.

    Heck, there's lots of really good stuff out there these days for $8 to $15. Just try some and see what you like.
  6. Belle


    Nov 29, 2003
    Manassas, Virginia
    Try Rosemount Merlot. They have a Shiraz but it won't go as well with the chicken or shrimp since you're grilling them.

    Thanks for giving me a topic for my first post. :)
  7. Mild Bill

    Mild Bill Millennium Member

    Oct 18, 1999
    Tampa, Florida
    You have to mention whether you hate totally unsweet strong red wine drunk warm or not...
    Lots of people hate them... Including me...

    I like kinda sweet German white wines, served ice cold with just about everything!

    The blue bottle "Schmidt-Sohne" Spatlese (prounounced Schpate-layzeh)
    or the Reisling...
    Very easy to drink and most appealing to non wine drinkers...
    Also, Leibfraumilch...
    Chill the German whites in the freezer till servin' time...

    Taylor's Pink Catawba is also tasty, but would be ridiculed by most pretentious wine ego-experts...

    These wines I've mentioned are considered to be sweet, but to me they're just tasty...

    I've observed that a heck of a lot of people hate the "good" wines...
    Also, that there is a lot of hype and pretense with wine and cigars...

    Drink what you like!

  8. lwt210


    Nov 28, 2001
    Allright, I went with the K. Jackson 01 Chardonnay and I am going to give it a try Tuesday night.

    Having an "at home" anniversary (9th) in front of the fireplace complete with candlelight, a pick up order of Outback steakhouse goodies (her favorite), something wrapped up that she has been wanting for a while combined with a few surprises.

    Kind of like an indoor picknick without the bugs and stuff.

    Gonna eat well and camp out by the fire on a cold rainy night and snuggle.

    Thanks for the suggestions from all and to Remander for the K.J. 01 recommendation. It sounds like what I want in a wine.
  9. Garweh

    Garweh CLM

    Aug 12, 2002
    Upstate New York
    One additional suggestion, GET SOME BUBBLY!!! Many Californian sparkling wines in the $15 per bottle range or you could get a half bottle. The "Brut" is very dry and would go well as a starter or aperitif (add some OJ for Mimosas). A "dry" is actually sort of sweet and a "demi-sec" is even sweeter. Chilled, either would work with dessert (preferably the "dry"). This is a nice way to either begin or end a romantic dinner and it is also very classy!
  10. nickg


    Jan 16, 2002
    wine aficionados crack me up. by the time they get done agonizing over the wine ("real oak-y but with a hint of cherry to go along with the nutty undertones behind the currant aftertaste" ;Q ;Q ;Q )

    give me a frikkin' break. by the time you're done analyzing it i'm enjoying another bottle!!

    just shut the f*** up and pour me a glass. ;f ;f
  11. Shoeless

    Shoeless Gun Totin' Girl

    Nov 25, 2001
    Planet Earth
    Lwt, sounds terrific, let us know how it goes!! And happy anniversary!