Help me spend my christmas bonus

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Green Mountain Boy, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. I would get a G19 barrel and mags. And or a G30 or G21!
    I like the bigger holes!

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  2. Get a G39 for carry (easier shooting and bigger hole than G27) & practice with your 27!

    Then you'll have a MAN'S gun! :tongueout:

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  3. A Gen3 G17, G19 or G26 would be my suggestion.
  4. SJ I do like the idea of the press. I am seriously considering that as an option. I am pretty much down to the 10 mm or the 9mm.

    I am very well aware that they have different applications. To me a 26 would be a good choiice and MRS. GMB might just give it some carry time. Then again a G20 would follow me into the woods quite a bit.

    I may ask her and let her make this call.
  5. Op the glock 20 and the 21 both in the sf flavor sound good.
  6. Gotta have a .45.....Gotta have a Glock 9mm....

    Sell the 27, then get both a 30 and a 17 or 26 if carry is top priority.
  7. I will never sell or trade the 27. Starting to lean towards the 20 sf.
  8. GMB, I have a LEO friend who says the same thing. He carries a 27 on his leg and says that it is everything a concealed carry should be. And he would know, coming from a long line of shooters.
  9. I'd go with a G19, G17, or G34.
  10. The 30SF is easily my favorite Glock, if you don't mind paying a little more for ammo then certainly get one. I've never owned a 21SF but have shot one and really like it as well but the 30SF is perfect for me with the size/firepower.
  11. Seems like no one has anything and if it says they do online the internet is lying.

    I have a Gen3 26 NIB on hold for me for $550. What do you fellas think should I jump on that one?

    Regards, GMB
  12. barth

    barth six barrels

    I have to say,
    you seem to desperately need a Big Dog .45 ACP.
  13. paper killer

    paper killer NRA Member

    Nothing wrong with that 26 you have on layaway. I would say that if you like your 27 best to go with the 26 and if you like your 23 best to go with the 19.

    I really really like the compact models which is why I tend towards 23s, 19s, and 32s.

    Have fun!!

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