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Discussion in 'GTArmY - Join The Fight!' started by cimpala, Sep 29, 2008.

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  2. Nessy

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    Clicked yours :supergrin:

    As the OP said, click the link :rofl:

  3. thanks i clicked you back
  4. clicked all, please do the same.
  5. Jav21

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    I feel bad asking for clicks because I am rather sure I have attacked some of you. I have amended my ways and seek your forgiveness by first offering my own click. Thank you noble Sirs.
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  7. Malkuth

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  8. I Clicked Everyone that posted let's start it all over again tomorrow. Thanks for the help:wavey::wavey:
  9. Malkuth

    Malkuth Defend Freedom

    Its kinda one of the only things we can really do each day right now. :rofl:

    Nobody has any more gold. Things will get better though. Eric is working on the new Forums right now so he is a little busy, he is a busy man. :supergrin:

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