HELP!!! I need a Glock Firing Pin Safety Spring!

Discussion in 'Gun-Parts & Access.' started by glockman99, Apr 20, 2013.

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    UPDATE...I found the missing spring!! It was in the same area (on my carpet) that I had looked over at-least 5 times...(I'm thinking that one of my cats was playing tricks on me.). Anyhow, I think I will order a Wolff spring kit, just in-case...

    Thank-you all for your suggestions!

    HELP!!!! I lost the Firing Pin Safety Spring to my Glock 21 earlier today while putting my slide back together, and I CAN'T find it. Does anyone have one of these little springs that I can have or buy?

    This is the little spring that fits inside the firing pin safety plunger.

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    Thank-You for your replies..."Glock Parts" it is.:).
  5. Glockman99,
    I see the cheapest shipping to your zip code is only $3.00. That seems reasonable.
  6. Arc Angel

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    Want a little friendly advice? (I'm going to give it to you anyway.) ;)

    1. Edit your post and remove your name and address.

    2. When you contact don't just get one spring. Buy two or three extra FP safety springs; and you should also pick up a couple of extra spring loaded bearings, too.

    3. Get a couple of extra slide lock springs.

    4. Get an extra trigger spring.

    5. Finally, pick up a complete recoil guide rod assembly, too.

    These are, all, essential spare parts that you really shouldn't be without. My own G-21's are heavily used. As a precaution I replace the slide lock springs, at least, once every 2 years. (Most vulnerable part on a Glock!) :)

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