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Discussion in 'Florida Glockers Club' started by CottenClown, May 9, 2007.

  1. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what is plainly printed, perhaps I am only used to drowning in red tape, I don't know. But I thought I would ask anyway.

    I'm planning to move to Tampa area from New York in the coming months and I have some questions about transporting my guns. I've looked on and done research elsewhere but I'm still unclear on a few things. And please understand I'm coming from a state that requires a license just to look at a gun, a DNA sample on file to touch one, and my left nut to own one... And yes, I am licensed in New York for concealed carry.

    What I've gathered so far is it will not be any trouble transporting my firearms into the state as I do not need a license to own. I will be getting my CCL once there and I don't see that as a problem. But, out of curiosity, does anybody know if I should get an out-of-state license now or should I just wait? Also, out of curiosity, does Florida issue restricted licenses?

    Any help anybody would be willing to provide and/or steering me towards a good source of information would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. You might as well just go ahead and get a non-res Florida CCW. It will still be good when you move here. Just change your address after you move. There are no restricted CCWs here. Transporting your guns here is no problem as far as Florida is concerned. Welcome.

  3. Also, please be careful in your travels through other states that do not have reasonable laws while on the way to Florida. Example: Some time ago I was a resident of New Jersey and while on Grand Jury duty a case came up of a New Yorker (who had a valid New York concealed carry permit) who ended up being indicted of a crime in New Jersey for carrying his weapon while in New Jersey and not having a New Jersey permit. I would suggest checking on all the states that you will be travelling through and planning accordingly for legal transport. Take care and (future) welcome to Florida...
  4. Leave NY via PA. Go way around the People's Republic.
  5. Beware of Jersey and North Carolina.
  6. Since no one else said it I will have to.

    We have enough New Yorkers in Florida. Go somewhere else

    I'm kidding. Just try to stay outta my way
  7. startsparKing

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    The difference between a yankee and a damn yankee - the yankee will go back home... J/k.. I forget where I heard that from.

    I wouldnt even bother getting a cwp up there. They might make you cut off your arm and give it to them. Just wait tillyour here jump through the few hoops we have and you'll be all set.
  8. You can bring your guns to Florida, you do not need any kind of license to own them or transport them here. You will need to apply for a Florida Concealed Weapon Permit if you want to carry here. By the way there is no such thing as a Florida Non-Resident Permit.
  9. I believe this is incorrect. Here is a link to the Florida part of

    Notice to the right of the images section that has the map of reciprocity, there are questions and answers. One of the questions is about non-res CCW, and the answer is yes.
  10. Florida will issue a CCW permit to someone regardless of their state of residence. As long as you pass the background check and can pay the fee you can get a permit that is recognized in most of the U.S.
  11. They do not issue a "special" non-resident permit, they issue one permit regardless of where you live.
  12. The point is they issue permits to non-residents, and the OP can get one before he moves to FL that will be valid when he gets to FL. :supergrin:
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    IMO, I would wait until residency is established in FL; then get the permit.

    For these reasons:

    The permit isn't needed to transport your armory into Fl.

    Until your Driver's Lic & CCW permit have matching Fl address', you can't buy over the counter (in Fl.).

    Carrying (in Fl.) could be an issue. Until you get the new addr. on the permit.

    Probably cheaper to do the process down here. Gunshows usually charge less than $50.

    The angst of having to wait twice for your permit.
  14. There is no carry issue in FL with a non-res FL permit, and you don't have to wait twice (just change your address). But you can get the wait over with before you get here by applying while you still live up there.
  15. LGCubana

    LGCubana Guns & Cigars

    The thread starter is moving here. Once he is in Fl, his permit would not have his current addr on it. From what I've read, an incorrect addr on the permit makes it invalid.

    Until he gets his proof of residency (i.e. Fl Driver's Lic), he can't submit for the change of addr.
  16. From Gutmacher's book, "Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership, 6th Addition, Page #69:


    You are also required to notify the Department of Agriculture of any change in your permanent address, or if your permit was lost, stolen, or destroyed--all within a period of 30 days. A failure is a noncriminal violation, and another big twenty five dollar fine. If you move, the process is real simple. You can mail or fax a letter (fax to: 850-487-7950), or do it over their web site on the form provided, stating your new address, and asking that your records be changed.

    Seems easier to do than for me to type all this:upeyes:

    BTW, you can get a non-res FL DL and do the same thing when you move here.

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