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Helocopter games?

Discussion in 'The Players Club' started by gordonfactor, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know of any decent helocopter games for PC, PS2, or X-Box? I have jet fighter-type games and GTA with some helo action but was looking for something geared toward Apache or Commanche type games. I have PC, PS2, X-Box. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. fastvfr

    fastvfr Ancient Tech

    Mar 28, 2001
    SW Oregon

  3. Hi-Pot

    Hi-Pot kickstart

    Jun 14, 2002
    NH, USA
    Ahhh...Gunship by Microprose. Now that was a classic. As far as modern games go, I know not.
  4. DesertEagle

    DesertEagle OH HELL MY HEAD CLM

    May 31, 2001
    Rome Ga
    Gunship 2000. One of the first PC games I frothed at the mouth for. Fly I think 6 different choppers, go up in rank to command your own flights instead of being a WO lackey ;f Greate graphics for it's time. I wish the more recent Gunship! would have been a faithful remake instead of an "arcade" game. Janes Longbow 2 was a good one from a bit more recently, but it's still old news.

    Nowadays games are just too Arcadey, the REAL simulations just don't get published very much any more. The last GREAT simulator I've found recently is B17 The Mighty Eighth. I could most likely climb into the cockpit of a REAL b17, and know how to start the thing based on the game. Now THAT is what a simulator should be. Set magnetos, activate fuel pumps, open cowl flaps, throttles check, supercharges check, mixture to full rich, etc.

    Of course this is for GAME games. Flight Simulator takes the cake for realism as far as I can tell, and does have a 2 choppers by default, and you can always download a fair number more. But of course there is no combat, no killing stuff. But you can practice your NOE flying. My friend is taking flying lessons in a Robinson R22 and when he tried the one in the game, he said it was as close to actually taking a lesson as he thinks he could come for not being there taking a lesson, so it sounds like that one at least got it dead on...