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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by BlkBullitt, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Hello all! After debating for several years, I finally picked up my first firearm last Thursday (a used Gen3 G22) from a local shop for $400 (came with the hard case, cleaning brush, lock, and one 15rd mag). I was able to field strip the gun before buying (the barrel had barely any visible wear and the slide had almost no visible wear) and it appears to be completely factory with the standard trigger connector and spring.

    I'm planning to use it primarily as a home defense and range gun, but might consider CC in the future. Aside from ammo, classes, and hitting the range often: is there anything I should consider picking up? I've contacted Glock about getting a copy of an owner's manual and I've been looking at the following...

    1. 1-2 Additional Magazines (although supply is low and prices seem a bit high right now)
    2. Eyes and Ears (any recommendations?)
    3. Range Bag (I've heard good things about the Midway Compact Competition Bag... thoughts on the Glock Single Pistol Bag or any others?)
    4. Cleaning/Maintenance Supplies (any recommendations?)
    5. Safe/Lockbox/Etc (any recommendations?)
    I've also briefly looked at holsters, but nothing in detail yet.

    Any suggestions or input is always welcome. Thank you!

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  3. RPVG


    As you've already noticed, now is NOT a good time to buy mags. I have the Glock single pistol range bag -- LGS tossed it in when I bought my G30. But I can't compare it with anything since it's the only one I have. I wish it had a little more room, though. With four mags, a handgun, and a couple hundred rounds of ammo, it's tough to get the zipper closed.

    Good on you for requesting an owner's manual. Here's the "preventive maintenance" section of the manual from the Glock website. Notice that Glock doesn't recommend any particular brand of gun solvent or lubricant. Any name brand should work fine.

    First firearm, eh? You're in for some fun!

    Again, welcome aboard!

  4. Yes my recommendation for you is to pick up a G23 or G27 to go with your G22. Glocks are better in packs! Congrats and have fun with your new Glock. Good luck finding ammo at a reasonable price right now

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  6. Thanks! Not sure what's considered reasonable, but my LGS has .40 Blazer 180gr FMJ boxes for $16.99 right now.
  7. Thanks!

    Speaking of range ammo... How many rounds do you typically go through per visit?
  8. RPVG

    Me? Depends. If I'm shooting every coupla weeks, I'll usually shoot 100. If I'm shooting less frequently, 200.
  9. Welcome to GT
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    :welcome: From Michigan!
  11. Welcome from Arizona.

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