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"Hello, my name is ..., I live in ..., Florida"

Discussion in 'Florida Glockers Club' started by Dandapani, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. Welcome.
  2. New here and new to guns. I've always wanted a gun and to learn about them but other hobbies took first. Found out a neighbor who also does a lot of track driving with me knows a lot about guns and he took me to the range to see if I liked it. This was last month January 6th and at that time all I wanted was to learn to shoot and get my concealed permit to carry a gun sometimes due to my work travels, late night driving and basically living in hotels.

    Well that day at the range and my friends coaching realy took and I fell into a new hobby that I'm trying to absorb everything I can about. I joined my local range and have been going to the range about every 3-4 days for a couple of hours. I bought a Glock G27 and took a lesson and took a concealed course and am waiting for my license.

    Now I want more guns. The G27 is a little small for lots of range work so I'm thinking of getting a full size 9mm for the range, full size .45 for home along with a shot gun. I got to shoot my friends Mossberg 12 gauge and had a blast with it.

    Anyone else from Tampa...hit me up....if you go to the range at Shoot Straight in Tampa maybe I'll meet you there.


  3. HeliGlock

    HeliGlock HeliGlock

    Jan 16, 2011
    Hello, Im Tom and I live in Holiday, Florida. Been here 3 years from Michigan.
  4. Gunshine


    Jan 3, 2011
    Welcome. From all over Michigan. Been in Florida 11 years.
  5. CrackerKen


    Oct 25, 2009
    Lakeland, FL
    Welcome mdrums - Sounds like you have caught the disease of gun ownership.

    +1 on your G27. Great pistol. I have one, and know several who do. I know two cops who carry the G27 as a backup to either their G22 or G23. If you want something bigger for range work, try a G23. It's a bigger handful, but still small enough to conceal. Some foks conceal a G22 too, but your mileage may vary (they are a popular police uniform pistol). If you go for a G23, you have ammo uniformity with the G27, and it's plenty enough for a range or night stand pistol.

    +1 on the shotgun too. I sold mine when I left police work a bit over 20 years ago. I finally bought a new shotgun this past December, a Mossberg 590A1, 18.5" barrell. Nice shotgun.
  6. HIDIE-HO YuaLL, Jeff in Fort Laud. From THE DEMOCRATIC CATRASTOPHY OF MICHIGAN!! haHa, been in Fla. 20 yrs,Some family still stuck there!

    been noticeing some guys from Central & even North Fl, Me GSSF& IDPA but been out of it for the last few years.

    Hey, anybody here that could be a gentleman and introduce me & my G20 to a couple of Ornery Hogs or Deer up there? HaHA ,Seriously, when I moved to Fla. the unfamiliarity with the State and Hunting Land access seemed very intimidating so I just always put it on the back burner.

    several years ago after at a Match at CFR&P club & Port Malabar Range I did some Jeeping on Some 2 tracks and saw Turkeys & Hogs along some powerlines and thought I Really miss Hunting! mostly as a reason to get into the Quiet woods and Explore. All these WMA Quota This and ORV Permit That + 2 more pages of Unique Rules and Regs ! I might as well just go & take the FL.BAR EXAM! I feel like im about Half-Way There with all the reasearch & reading and Maps and Forums trying to Learn & do the right thing, re;Leagalities of course!

    so, Glockers have been Really cool to me in all my Projectile Management endeavors over the years so why not Ask, Any Sugestions???
    I have been leaning towards Kissimee Chain Of Lakes Y or No? the season only has about 1 more week in "B" zone thats relativly close in distance ,PERFECT Aye! maybee Spring Turkey at this point>

    ps:FWIW,for range fun I have the BIG DAWG G-20 -10mm and shoot .40 cal S&W with a FederalArms SS extended & ported conversion barrel for it, 10mm to .40 u capish? I paid Approx $90 years ago & has been flawless. same 10mm mags as well ! Super manageable recoil out of the Big Heavy G20 and you'll always have the 10mm capabilities when u want or (NEED) it. very versitile!! like you, my first GLock was the BabyG26, a tough way to start against guys with 1911's and Barreta 92fs ect,ect... you just cant use .40 cal for Stock Glock at GSSF!

    PLUS+++ AS CrackerKen Said...." you have ammo uniformity with the G27!"

    thats all I know about that!
  7. Hi fellow Floridians! Originally from Pennsylvania and after 33 years in Key West, we've moved to Central fl. November 2010. Great area! Got my first "carry permit" in Pa. back around 1975. I EDC a G30 and my wife EDC's a G26. We're flag flying Americans, supporters of the Second Ammendment and would like for Florida to make the option to open carry our's to choose. I enjoy spending time at "Florida Concealed Carry" and "Early Risers Coffee Shop" forum's. Good to be here!
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2012
  8. Cruizer


    Jan 22, 2012
    Port Richey, FL
    Herman in Port Richey.
  9. SiberianErik


    Feb 9, 2009

    Our hunting lease is near Deltona, nice place but we only have 13,000 acres for the 8 of us. :supergrin:

    how did you live in the keys for 33 yrs ?? a weekend is enough for me. I used to have a house on the Snake River, next to the USCG station, development was Bahia Shores.

    Oh you got the wrong car, I am sure you meant to say ///M3forever, right ?
  10. SOOooo...."we only have 13,000 acres for the 8 of us" aye! How about a handyman slipin' in thru the back door ...I'll bring the eer & pizza Hahaha.
    I was lookin at the WMA's around there, WoW, There is a lot of em around lake George Aye? whats it like SE ?
  11. Peace Warrior

    Peace Warrior Am Yisrael Chai CLM

    Jan 12, 2007
    outside the wire perimeter.
    IMHO, Ocala Nat'l Forest is Da Bombdiggity!

    For family fun with water, my top choice is Alexander Spring swimming/picnic area. (They used to allow scuba diving. Don't know if they still do.) If you're gonna hang around the spring boil proper, be sure to set aside a day in your itinerary as time flies at this place. You can also canoe down stream. If you just want to take a quick trip on the water, set your pick-up point where Nfs 539 dead ends near the stream. (Check water levels before you go.)

    Just to the North of SR40, there is a nice outdoor shooting range off NE 231st Ave. IIRC, it was about 60-70 yard long range with plans to go further if they could find the funding. Traveling North on 231st Ave from SR 40, start looking to the right and you can't miss it as it's immediately to the East of 231.

    Hunting is fun from Bow season (Sep-Oct) on through muzzle-loading (end of Oct), general gun (Nov-Jan) and until the end of small game (March) with coons and opossums remaining open through April.

    Fishing is GREAT year round with only unnatural weather slowing it down. The key is the right bait at the right times. :cool: The Rodman Dam spillway, located on the Rodman Dam Road, roughly 4.5 miles West of SR 19 near the north end of Ocala Nat'l Forest, offers the best chances for those new to the area or just wanting to catch some bass, pan, or catfish.

    From the dam, supplies can be had with a quick trip to Palatka, by way of SR19. The smaller towns around the area will make it more than worth the short drive to town when considering prices.

    Have fun! :wavey:
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2012


    Feb 21, 2012
    Hey all. Living in Tampa. Is anyone going down to the gun show this weekend? I'll be taking my CC class there on Saturday.
  13. Dr.Hackenbush


    Mar 16, 2012
    Palm Bay, Fl
    Hello from Palm Bay!
    I took my CC class a few weeks ago, mailed off my paperwork to Tally, and am waiting "patiently" for my permit. Still too soon to start checking the mailbox daily.

    I also just bought a Glock 26. Am shopping around for a good holster.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2012
  14. johnnygfl


    Dec 18, 2011
    Sunny FLA
    John Bradenton here
  15. Bladegt


    Oct 4, 2007
    Spring Hill FL
    Hey I'm Mike. Live in Spring Hill. I'm only about 15 mins from The Firing Line, in NPR. Lemme know if you're down to shoot on a weekend, i'm always down for a good shooting session.
  16. wherewolf


    Dec 31, 2005
    SW Florida
    Hi, I'm Mike and I'm originally from Massachusetts. Been living here in Lehigh Acres for almost 4 years now.
  17. Zulu_Tango


    Mar 17, 2012
    Fort Campbell
    Zack here. I'm a new Florida resident and I claim the Tampa Bay area.
  18. capttommie

    capttommie glock 30-10mm

    Mar 17, 2012
    st. augustine fl.
    Tommie here from St. Aug. I grew up in P-town (Palatka)
  19. theotherjohn


    Mar 23, 2012
    Port St Lucie
    Hey, Port Saint Lucie here.
  20. Tacoma12

    Tacoma12 The Dude Abides

    Apr 3, 2012
    South Florida
    Boca Raton here