"Hello, my name is ..., I live in ..., Florida"

Discussion in 'Florida Glockers Club' started by Dandapani, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. Hello, my name is Doug and I live in Pinellas county. I've been in FL for about 15 years, but I've only been a gun owner for about a year.

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  2. Hey, I'm Sid and I live in Vero Beach.....

  3. I am Aaron in Newberry...outside of Gainesville.
  4. sprat

    not new to Glocktalk,but thought I would join the Florida Glockers Club, I have only one G-17, I am more a sig/walther guy

    anyway Hi from Jax

  5. rhikdavis

    rhikdavis U.S. Veteran

    Hulloo...just moved to Sarasota about a month ago..from Michigan...I ain't hatin' the weather.
  6. Hairy from Daytona Beach
  7. 18jms

    18jms I love Guns

    Brevard county Florida here
  8. Hey everyone.. I am Paul from Lakeland (Polk County), but am currently stationed overseas in Okinawa, Japan. I own a Glock 19.
  9. Hey im Japs I reside in Hialeah, FL
  10. James.....Tampa FL
  11. I tried posting earlier but it didn't work. I'm Paul from Lakeland. I'm currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan. (Marine Corps)
  12. Pete in Lakeland, Florida, born and raised, 4th generation Floridian, Dad and Grandfather from St. Pete, great Grandfather lived in Tallahassee.
  13. I'm Moose, I live in West Palm Beach. I own one Glock, a 23, and am purchasing a 17 soon, among other brands.
  14. daniel from miami
  15. Hey guys, Rick here from East Orlando with a Glock 26 [my baby]. Nice to see all these glock lovers here.
  16. oh and did I mention I got my first Glock from Glock talk !?
  17. SlapRackBang

    SlapRackBang NRA Life Member

    Andrew from Bradenton.
  18. viniglock

    viniglock GLOCKS-N-KAHRS


    Nice Avatar:wavey:
  19. Hello, Steve here I live in Jacksonville.I have a Glock 35 with a KKM precision barrel and a .357 sig barrel.I load my own ammo so I can shoot more often and experiment with different loads for my toys.
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  20. loyloyola

    loyloyola #1978 / 21 Club

    Loy from Tampa, just got my 1st glock, a g21 sf. sweet....

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