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Discussion in 'Florida Glockers Club' started by Dandapani, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. Hello, my name is Dan, I *will* live in New Port Richey, Florida come November 1st. I current live in Ahia. I got my Ohio CHL when the law was signed back in April. Soon after I applied for my Florida CHL. I'll update the address when we get our new home finished.

    Where are we all from? Introduce yourself!

    And don't forget to get your Florida Glockers Club Number over here: http://www.glocktalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=280433

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  2. c-mama

    Moderator Moderator

    Hi Dan, Debbie here.

    I live just outside of Fort Lauderdale, in Northwest Broward county.

    I hope your move to Florida goes smooth.


  3. HAWK11K

    HAWK11K Take'em Down!

    Maurice here.

    I live in south Orlando.
  4. Hi!

    Sanford, here.:cool:
  5. Hello everyone


    Boynton Beach
  6. Boynton Beach represent!^c

    I live in Boynton Beach but my heart's in Tampa (Clearwater actually)!:)
  7. Cool, my wife's sister and her husband live in Largo. We visited them so much that we decided to move. Even they are moving to NPR. We'll be as close as 4 blocks. My wife is very happy to be moving so close to her sister.

    FYI, there IS a Florida forum: http://floridashootersnetwork.com/ that I found out about recently.

    Nice having so many places to chat :)
  8. Dave here.:)

    I've been living in Florida since '96. First on Pine Island. Then in North Ft. Myers.

    Now I'm in North Port. Figure I'll stay here awhile.
  9. FSN is pretty slow, but there's some great info for your specific region. Plus, it's great to find stuff in the classifieds there and be within driving distance of buying it!
  10. Hi,Scott here and Im also from Ft.Lauderdale.Been on this Glock talk for four years and this Florida fourm is long over due.Hi Dan & Debbie.
  11. I'm a moderator on Florida shooters network in the handguning fourm.Stop by and say Hi.
  12. ScottB

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    Hi, I'm Scott and I live in Aventura
  13. Javier, in Coconut Creek.
  14. DeLandSkyjumper

    DeLandSkyjumper Play'naNewGame

    Hey all, Chris chiming in here, from St. Aug.
  15. Hey all
    Mike, from Melbourne at the moment, but have lived pretty much everywhere in the state.
    dmobrien2001, when you get down here, go meet the owners at The Firing Line in NPR, super nice family run business.
  16. DDrag50

    DDrag50 Semper Vigians

    Dan from Naples here.

    If you ever see this bunch in south florida,RUN LIKE HELL! ;f HI Deb
  17. Hi,My name is Gene and I am a glockaholic.

    I live in Cantonment in the extreme north west panhandle.Nobody has ever heard of Cant.,so lets just say Pensacola.The western gate to the sunshine state,where thousands live like millions wish they could.
  18. 1) Do they have a range? (We can do a range report in another thread.)

    2) Do they handle FFL xfers for a reasonable fee? (That's another general topic we can do in another thread.)
  19. 1) Yes, indoor 5-6 lanes, shotgun friendly (no slugs)
    2) Yes IIRC $25, for transfer and if he stocks that weapon he will match price. He carries a lot of Para's, glocks and Xd's last time thru.
    Richard I believe is his name, been about about a year though.
  20. Hi, I'm Mike and I live in Lakeland

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