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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by wiscmike, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Going to pick up my first pistol in a couple days and it will be a Glock 17 Gen4. I plan on joining the local shooting club so I can use the indoor range. Even a league this winter even might be in the cards although for sure I will be in last place every time. :supergrin:

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  3. AKRover

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    Welcome to the forum. I think you've made a good choice for your first pistol.

    The more you shoot the more comfortable you'll be with your pistol. I'll bet you find yourself slowly moving up the ranks of the league in no time.

  4. Welcome and enjoy!
  5. Welcome!
  6. Welcome from Milwaukee. Shoot straight and stay safe.
  7. Welcome to GT and, congrats on your G17!:cool:
  8. Thank you all so much for the warm welcomes. This is a friendly place indeed and I am sure I will be having many questions in the upocoming months. I also hope to contribute one day as I gain experience. I am going to a Gander Mtn store for my Glock 17 Gen4. I called up Glock and they told me that any date of Oct 2011 or beyond will have all the updates to the Glock 17. I am sure they don't have these sitting on the shelf that long but will check the date on the envelope of the 2 spent cartridges that come in every kit as they told me. I just don't want to purchase a pistol that has to be updated before I get to take it to the range.
    As far as ammo goes I was told by Glock as long as it has NATO or Sammi on the box it is fine? Anyone can add anything to the ammo for the range I should buy and also the ammo I should keep on hand for HD? Thank you all, Mike
  9. Welcome and congrats on your first pistol!! You made a good choice.
  10. For ammo, you'll get tons of opinions.

    I like to find one kind for the range, and one for defense, and stick with them. I don't like switching around much because if you have problems or jams or innaccuracy, you won't know if it was the ammo or what.

    My household is standardized on Federal American Eagle or Speer Lawman 124gr for 9mm. We buy it by the case. For defense we use Speer Gold Dots 124gr.

    Not saying those choices are good or bad, but just that they work in all my 9mm handguns, for both me and my wife :)
  11. Thanks, just the reply I was looking for. I know there is a wide range of ammo but just want to ghet started in the right direction. I get 5% off when purchasing the pistol and I am told ammo hardly ever goes on sale. So I want to buy a good ammo right at the start.
  12. oily_oink

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    :welcome: From Michigan!

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