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  1. Hi! My name is Lori. I am a mother of 5 (including my 2 wonderful step sons) a realtor in the Dallas area and just touched a gun for the first time ever in my 36 years. I am here to learn from all of you. My husband (of 2 months) is bno762 aka Bubba. I am very ready to gain knowledge that will keep me from becoming a statistic. Yall keep posting and I'll keep learning.

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  2. :welcome: to GT

  3. Welcome to you Lori. I am Jeff from Pennsylvania. Your post will be an inspiration for my wife to read.

    Thank you so much for joining us.

  4. Welcome to the club Lori!
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    Welcome to GT Lori!!

    Tell your husband thanks again for buying my $5000 pistol from me here on GT!!!

    I'm KIDDING!!!!!

  6. :welcome:Lori and glad to have you on board!:wavey:
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome, y'all!
  8. @Glockdude1
    I wasn't phased! Lol...I wrote an offer on a house today and I am already trying to figure out what gun to buy with the comission :)
  9. Welcome!
    Jim L. (NY)
  10. Ask any question, and we will try to answer :)
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    For the Lady: Glock 19

  12. That is exactly what my husband said last night. He also suggested a concealed carry planner that I take into my showing and listing appointments.
  13. Ok, be prepared to buy at least 2 guns, and 3 is even better.

    1. optional, a .22 handgun, as they are so much easier to learn on. And, even after years of experience, people keep using them at the range. Low recoil. Inexpensive to shoot a lot.

    2. Something like a Glock 19 is a great choice. Works for range or carry. 15 rounds of 9mm is a good defensive option. Problem is maybe a bit big and thick for all your carry needs. The 26 is a little smaller, just as thick, holds 10 rounds, also worth considering.

    3. You will likely find you need a small concealed carry gun. Compromises are made here to get it small enough. It will be light. Will fit on your body, maybe a belly band, or inside waistband holster, or pocket of clothes. Or maybe in a day planner. The Glock 19 can be carried all these ways (except pocket), but this gun will be smaller and lighter. Maybe Kahr PM9 or CM9, or Sig 238 .380, or Ruger LCP .380, or S&W 637 or 642 .38 snubnose revolver. These sorts of guns don't hold many rounds and are somewhat more difficult to shoot accurately, and might not be as powerful, but they are small enough to carry when other guns seem a hassle to carry. The goal is to always have a gun on you :)
  14. Good post

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