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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by Hooch0903, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Thanks! Just left the shop with it...and put a 26 on layaway. Solves the whole which one delimma!

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  2. JAS104

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    There will always be a new "which one" dilemma , brother

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  3. I know...that's why I have so many AR's and shot guns. Lol

    I'm usually pretty picky with carry weapons. I pick one and stick to it. I've carried my Taurus since 03, every day without fail. I haven't even looked for something new until it started giving me grief. Now I don't trust it for EDC. Since I'm moving up from 9mm to .40 I was concerned about reacquiring target with the smaller 26...but I really like the gun. I felt more comfortable in the 23, so I got it immediately. I can spend more range time with the sub compact and get comfortable with it before going to EDC with it. Maybe I'm weird like that...but I've always felt if I can't take my target and control my weapon I'm more dangerous than the bad guy was to begin with.
    Now I just have to find an iwb holster locally so I can send my Taurus back for repairs.

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  4. JAS104

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    There's a ton of threads about good IWB holsters you can check out too. I had a Taurus PT140 for a while until I traded it in. Was a good gun, but like you I fell in love with a Glock. I went with a 19 but a 23 is on my list lol.

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  5. oily_oink

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    :welcome: From Michigan!

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