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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by Chimo, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Hello and happy to be here! I am a US Army Veteran and a high power competitive shooter. Recently changed to Glock and Love it! Have a G36 as my carry and just purchased a G19.

    Hoping to learn some new info and tricks.

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  3. There's a lot to be learned here and folks are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.

    Welcome aboard.
  4. Welcome to the forum!
  5. :welcome: and thanks for your service! :patriot:
  6. Welcome from a fellow Army Vet and Ohioan! They get addicting fast, as I am sure you're finding out!
  7. welcome aboard from a fellow 'BUCKEYE'
  8. Thanks for making me feel welcome. Liking my Glocks more everyday! I am also a FeogLube Distributor. If anyone has any FrogLube questions PM me and I'll answer what I can.

    Thanks again!
  9. :welcome: Enjoy GT....................
  10. Hello from the current Army EOD tech and fellow Ohioan. Welcome to the forum!
  11. Welcome! fellow Ohioan here as well :)
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    :welcome: From Michigan!
  13. Welcome from Arizona.
  14. Welcome to the forum.

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