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  1. Been lurking here for a short while & quickly saw that there are quite a few knowledgeable & diverse members! Looks like a great group!

    I'm a long time rifle/shotgun enthusiast who decided it was time to learn the skills necessary to use a handgun effectively. Special attention paid to honing my tactical home defense skill set. I also needed a good CCW but was a bit overwhelmed.

    After numerous trips to the range, with a close friend of mine & his large collection of different makes & calibers, I bought myself a G27 gen 4 for Christmas. Picked up some Pearce +2 extenders for the 3 mags that came with the gun & sleeves for the pair of G23 mags I purchased elsewhere. Two months & 600 plus rounds down range later I'm falling even more in love with my purchase. I'm now actively searching for a new or lightly used gen 3 or 4 G21 or G22, I can't decide whether to double down on the .40 or spread out to a .45. Looking for a primary home/vehicle/boat defense, not daily carry, weapon.

    Looking forward to knowing & learning from you all!

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  3. Welcome to the forum!
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