Hello from Georgia.

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by LearningGlock, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Hello there,

    I got my new Glock17 a couple of weeks ago, took a safety and handling class before I bought it and another class for beginners after. Being going to a shooting range every time I have a chance and extra money to buy ammo. I read and try to learn in ways that you guys would not believe it so thats why I'm here. See ya.

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  3. Welcome to GT!

  4. In what ways do you learn that we would not believe?

    Glock 17 is one of my favorite guns :)
  5. Reading,reading,asking,asking,watching,asking more:whistling:
    I've been driving guys at the shooting range crazy. I don't like mistakes or accidents. And thanks for all the welcome.
    This is a truly nice community !
  6. Oh I almost forgot. BAC1023 what a amazing 1911 buyers guide !!!!!!!!!:bowdown:
  7. That's good.

    Have you heard yet about the most common way's to AD?

    A. Not checking the gun before dryfire. That's why I suggest a triple check. 3 checks in a row, to provide a mental break before finger goes on trigger.

    B. Not keeping a Glock type gun securely holstered. For my Glock's, I treat a quality kydex holster that fits well and covers the trigger guard as part of the safety system. Not taking the gun out to fark with it much goes a long ways toward staying safe.

    See how well that attitude fits in with those you observe. In addition to the 4 basic safety rules :) Hopefully you already know those 4 rules by memory :)
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  8. :welcome:and:wavey:from Troy,Michigan:supergrin:
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    :welcome: From Michigan!
  10. Welcome fellow Georgian! :welcome: :wavey:
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