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Hello from Elizabethtown

Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by Mouth, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Mouth


    Aug 9, 2009
    My namd is Justin and I just figured out that GT has individual state forums. Ive been posting on GT for a couple of weeks now. I've recently purchased my first handgun and glock (22) and have and a blast shooting it.

    I've been shooting at Bluegrass indoor range because one of my best friends lives about half a mile from there and he likes to shoot as well. He wants a G27 and I'm trying to talk him into getting it sooner than later.

    Do you guys ever meet up and shoot together? Clubs? ect...

    I'm in either Louisville or Lexington nearly every weekend. I will be in Lexington this weekend to work security for a concert and I plan on making my way to Paris for the range sometime during the weekend.
  2. We have an informal club called GLIPSC that shoots every Thursday evening. Here is a copy of our flyer

    Greater Louisville Independent Practical shooting club
    Thursday night shooting match

    Do you like to shoot handguns? Do you have a gun that you carry and would like to get better with it? You can get better and have fun doing it at our matches. The match that we have every Thursday evening will be geared to practical shooting either fundamental shooting or fun matches with props and Once a month a match that will let 6 shot revolver shooter compete with six shot strings. Most will be 8 shot string matches that will let most autoloaders compete with the high cap guns.
    Our matches are conducted by NROI certified Range officers and they will require you to practice safe gun handling. If you are new show up a little early and tell one of the match crew that you are new to this type of shooting and we will help with getting you started.

    What you will need to compete, a gun preferably 9mm and up in caliber. No Magnums per the range rules, 3 magazines or speed loaders, a belt holster that fits your gun and you should have a magazine holder or speed loader case. No shoulder holsters at the matches. You will also need ear and eye protection and around 25 rounds of ammo that fits your gun of choice.

    Where we shoot? We shoot at Bluegrass Indoor range
    4402 Kiln Court Louisville, KY 40218, Phone number 502-451-9088 Thursday evenings at 6:00 pm, call ahead if the weather is bad to see if the match will be canceled or the range is closed.

    Other info, you should be familiar with the gun you are going to shoot in the match to keep things moving but if you need help with that the staff at the range can help you to get up to speed just call the number above for that but I will promise that if you shoot with us for a few matches you will learn to draw from a holster, Reload the gun under time and Learn to engage multiple targets. Match fee is $10.00 and that covers targets, pasters, and other props and expendables and the fee the range charges us to shoot.

    Scores will be posted at in the Bluegrass glockers section of the clubhouse. All our matches are geared to beginners but even old hands will be challenged with our draw and fire matches that will require reloads and engaging multiple targets.

    If you have any questions e-mail me

  3. Mouth


    Aug 9, 2009
    Wow, thanks for the info. I have some appointments this Thursday, but I will try to make it out one thursday within the next month. I look forward to it!
  4. Hello from Shepherdsville. Once I get my reloading components together, I'll be heading to Knob Creek a lot more than usual. Don't forget the machine gun shoot is coming up in a month or so.