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  1. I have been shooting for about 3 years and have roughly 20K rounds down range. During that time I have purchased 5 Springfield Armory XDs, a Smith and Wesson 617 and just recently 3 Glocks. I gave one XD Subcompact to my oldest son and sold two subcompacts to a friend. I am keeping the other two XDs because of all the money I spent on trigger jobs and night sights.

    The three Glocks I bought, a G19, G26 and G27, have opened my eyes to a whole new aspect of gun ownership. I very much enjoy tinkering with my new guns and have installed a 3.5 connector into my range gun G19. The 19 really is for my wife because she can rack it's slide whereas she could not rack any of my XDs.

    I can surprisingly shoot the stock Glocks almost as well as my $200.00 trigger jobbed Xds. That coupled with the fact that I can completely dismantle the glocks in under five minutes, has made me a Glock convert. I would never consider breaking down my XDs beyond simple field stripping.

    Anyhow, hello from the Rocky Mountains.

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  2. :welcome: aboard!

  3. Glad to have another member, welcome!
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    :welcome: from Ohio!
  6. Welcome from Thornton, CO
  7. Colorado Springs here. Welcome.
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    :welcome: From Michigan!

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