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"Hello!" from Brown Safe

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by BrownSafe, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. BrownSafe


    Apr 5, 2013
    Hello Glock Talk!

    I’m Sage Naumann with Brown Safe. We’ve been avid followers of your thought-provoking conversations here at Glock Talk and routinely receive referrals through well-informed individuals on this forum. We thought it time to officially join the community and make introductions. For those unfamiliar with us, Brown Safe is a U.S. manufacturer of high security safes. Our safes and vaults are housed in military installations throughout the world. We also sell a wide variety of direct-to-customer, high security, residential safes here on our home soil. If you’re wondering what sets our safes apart, this recent article from Popular Mechanics covered it quite well.

    We also operate Brown Safe Research Labs, a blog tied to our Research and Development division in which we cover firearms, and many other tactical gadgets and tools. The blogs aim is to provide valuable design info and insights for the top weapons and tools currently in use. We recently produced detailed write-ups covering the M1A Socom II, the Kahr P380, and the top ten tactical tomahawks.

    We’ve registered with this forum because we love discussing all things weapon related and connecting with those of a like mind. We hope to answer any safe related questions along the way.

    Sage and the Brown Safe Team

  2. BrownSafe


    Apr 5, 2013
    Thanks for the warm welcome, everybody. We actually have a Glock 20 we've been playing around with recently in our office.