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Hello brothers, newbie to the world of 10mm

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by Sheepdog Scout, May 25, 2010.

  1. Sheepdog Scout

    Sheepdog Scout Behind you!

    Jan 23, 2010
    Who knows?
    I just purchased my first G20 OD. I have a couple of general questions I wish to ask. Some if not all of these have been answered, so bear with me. I appreciate your help and your comments. So....

    I'm not into reloading at this time and have zero equipment to do it. I'd like to get into reloading eventually, but for now I'll be shooting factory ammo. I have bought some Blazer aluminum ammo in 200 gr TMJ which I know isn't reload able. What are some other decent target ammo that I could track down?

    What the best gr and brand to buy for defensive purposes? This is gonna be my main backpacking/woods/hiking gun and not for home defense or cc. I have other guns, like my 19 for those purposes. And I don't own any revolvers these days.

    I was reading some other posts and am I correct in assuming that I need a heavier recoil spring for hotter loads than the factory one? Is the factory spring ok for the 200 gr Blazer?

    What other mods do y'all recommend for the G20?

    Add any other good ideas or tips that y'all may have.

    Last edited: May 25, 2010
  2. G33

    G33 Frisky! Millennium Member CLM

    May 29, 1999
    With G29

  3. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    Jul 23, 2007
    Southeast, LoUiSiAna
    Cav Scout, Hello welcome to Glock Talk!

    You might look to Georgia Arms for some bulk ammo to hold cost down some.
    Double Tap and Buffalo Bore should provide good selection for defensive ammo, if you want full power loads or handloading will be the only other method.
    Your stock recoil spring will work with most all loads, Some people are using the 20# or 22# recoil springs for the G-20...Just understand the extra power recoil springs can increase the energy required to rack the slide and increase the forward velocity to which the slide is returned to battery. Having to rack your slide in stressful situations will be tougher to do with the encreased spring rates, to clear a jam or doing magazine swaps.

    You will see all kinds of mods for the "Tactical Tupperware" just understand the pro's and con's of each.

    Best regards!
  4. 69stingray

    69stingray 427 ci

    Nov 10, 2007
    North Alabama
    Welcome to the club Cav Scout.

    Shadow gave you some good advice, I haven't made any mods to my G20's or 29 either and haven't had any problems. +1 on the Georgia Arms ammo and save all your brass you may reconsider reloading someday. The 10mm bug usually bites hard so you'll find yourself wanting additional firearms. :cool:

  5. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    Jul 23, 2007
    Southeast, LoUiSiAna
    Oh yea I forgot to mention about the fact "NOBODY CAN HAVE JUST ONE!"
  6. 07 LMB Z06

    07 LMB Z06

    Dec 28, 2009
    Chicago, IL
    Georgia Arms, IMO, is your best bet for target ammo. It's not super hot, but it's warm. It's excellent quality and has functioned 100% in my G20.

    I don't hunt so this is a very uninformed opinion, but based on what I've read here any ammo 180gr and above should suit you well. Ideally it would be the 200gr or 230gr. Look to Buffalo Bore for factory hunting ammo. They have some seriously powerful setups.

    I use my G20 for home defense with 180gr Gold Dots during winter and the 135gr Noslers during summer.

    A heavier spring is not necessary, but it will bring your velocity spreads down if that matters to you. The 17# is adequate and can handle the hot stuff just fine.

    As for mods, other than possibly the recoil spring, that is completely up to you. A good set of night sights will be a lot better than the factory sights, and I'm picking up a TLR-2 this weekend.

    Enjoy the gun; you'll love it.
  7. Kegs

    Kegs Ol 8 fingers ;)

    Oct 26, 2009
    Cold side of conus
    Yes somebody can. :tongueout:
  8. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    Jul 23, 2007
    Southeast, LoUiSiAna
    Kegs, give it time, give it'll see. :dunno:
    Got my first in 1990 then years later, I'm waiting on my 8th to arrive.:wow:
  9. Sheepdog Scout

    Sheepdog Scout Behind you!

    Jan 23, 2010
    Who knows?
    My bad
    Last edited: May 28, 2010
  10. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    Dec 13, 2008
    Boise, Idaho
    Welcome to the G20!

    I agree wholeheartedly with the previous comments about spring weights. The stock spring will cycle any factory ammo just fine. My suggestion would be to shoot a bunch of rounds and see if you feel more frame bang than you desire. There is no need to start swapping parts until you encounter something that noticeably needs improvement. That is the beauty of the G20. It works right out of the box.

    A stiffer spring may mellow the hot stuff out, but felt recoil will increase with softer ammo (kinda like a stiff truck spring makes bumps feel more harsh without a load in the pickup bed).

    I have a 22# Wolff non-captured spring and steel guide rod. It and the factory spring cycle anything I feed it. I have found myself running the factory spring more lately because it is nicer to work with for anything but the heaviest loads.

    Regarding backcountry ammunition, a good consideration would be the DT 200 gr WFNGC hardcast or, if they ever resume loading them, the 200 gr XTP (DT calls it "controlled expansion"). I handload WFNGC projectile. It is a pretty nasty bullet and provides nice penetration.

    Kegs will probably second the 200 gr XTP.
  11. 10mm Universe

    10mm Universe

    Apr 21, 2010
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2010
  12. chemboy


    Jun 9, 2004
    There's one in every crowd...
  13. Sheepdog Scout

    Sheepdog Scout Behind you!

    Jan 23, 2010
    Who knows?
    Thanks for the backcountry ammo ideas. I don't hunt, but I try and go outta state from time to time and hike/ camp and such. I also will accompany friends that hunt, just to hang out be a spotter, and I don't like carrying my Mossy/ with slugs around. The G20 will fill the outdoor role nicely.