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  1. Figured I'd go ahead and introduce myself. Over the past few days, I've sent PM's to 2 mods, and emailed the webmaster requesting info about becoming a sponsor here. Maybe I'll hear something soon:whistling: No doubt, they're busy.

    Anyways, my names Brad. I, along with my brother(Rob), run a shop customizing firearms in S Texas. We're both Army vets with 18 years service, and 5 deployments between us. He's out now, and running the shop full time. I'm waiting to get out for medical reasons:yawn:, but it shouldn't be long now. We do Glocks, and a whole lot more! You can see some of our work on our Facebook page... link in my sig.

    Just wanted to say hi. It looks like there's a great group here, and we look forward to being a part of it.


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  3. For those not on FB...

    Our mag release, and "chainmail" style grip reduction on a G27.


    Our "meltdown" slide on a G19

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  4. A couple more...





  5. Thank you.

    Does anybody know what the deal is with the sponsor thing??
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    welcome to GT !!!
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    Welcome from Michigan! :wavey:
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