Heavier recoil spring for Glock 32

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by ourichie, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. I have read that the 19, 23, and 32 use the same recoil spring and it seems like my gen3 32 is beating itself hard even with target loads. I was thinking on getting a slightly heavier spring like a 20# or 22#. I know they go up to 24#. Any advice from the firing squad?

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  3. I replaced my RSA on my G31 with a LWD captured guide rod and a 20 lbs. spring,...... the main reason was brass to the face........not me, the guy 5 lanes down on the firing line :rofl:

    real reason was so I wouldn't have to chase brass 30 ft. heavier spring did smooth things out a little but didn't stop the dreaded slide peening pretty common to Glocks in 357 Sig with a higher round count.


  4. Don't worry about the "battering"-- you will run out of ammo money before the frame wears out. Even then, return it to Smyrna, and they replace the frame.

    In general:
    Heavier spring= more shooter perceived recoil, shorter ejected brass trajectory

    Lighter spring= less perceived recoil, farther brass trajectory

    Changing springs= brag swag, hey look at me.
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  5. I go with a 20 lb spring in my G32 and G22....when shooting .40 and 357sig with my 357sig barrel.
  6. not for free (frame replacement) but I agree you probably won't see battering as long as you follow the the proper intervals for spring/RSA replacement...

  7. Just curious have you contacted Glock about this. Also what was your born on date ?

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  8. BoD: May 8 2000.

    It didn't look like it had been shot that much as it still had a lot of the copper colored anti seize in it when I procured it about 2 moms ago. I have shot about 400 rounds through it since.

    I have not contacted glock about this yet. Planning on it Monday
  9. I run 20 & 22 lb springs in all my Glock including my 32 for only 2 reasons. Less felt recoil which honestly aint a problem even with the sig round and it's easier on my frames. Don't care where brass goes as long as it goes out. :cool:
  10. Leave it alone!
  11. I do find it odd that a 9mm & a .357 Sig would use the same RSA.
  12. Just curious please...I had posted that I'm purchasing a G32 soon myself.

    What spring would you consider to change over to, the #20 or #22 like someone had suggested earlier?

    Not sure how big a difference each one is from the other...

  13. I suggest keeping the factory one. I've owned 3 or 4 G32s and never had an RSA related issue. I'm confident that if the gun needed a heavier spring for any reason, Glock would change things.
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  14. ede

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    Heavier spring is going to make the recoil feel a lot heavier, and it ought to land the brass a little closer to where you stand. The frame wear is common and from my experience only goes so far and then doesn't get worse.
  15. That's true for Gen3 and earlier, and for associated subcompacts. But not for Gen4 compact and larger models.

    Gen3 and Gen4 G26, G27, G33, and G39 use RSA marked 0-8-1.

    Gen3 G19, G23, G32, and G38 use RSA marked 5579.
    Gen3 G17, G22, G31, G34, G35, and G37 use RSA marked 5593-1.

    Gen4 G19 uses RSA marked 0-4-3.
    Gen4 G23 and G32 use RSA marked 0-3-3. (There is no Gen4 G38.)
    Gen4 G17 and G34 use RSA marked 0-2-4.
    Gen4 G22, G31, G35, and G37 use RSA marked 0-1-4.

    The Gen4 world is a little more complex than Gen3 and earlier, with specific lighter RSAs for 9x19mm models, except the G26. No doubt the reduced slide mass of the G26 results in adequate slide velocity even when an RSA that serves heavier calibers is employed.
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  16. I installed a Wolff stainless steel guide rod and Wolff 20# spring. It reduced the recoil noticeably and I haven't had a single malfunction.
  17. I know, the OP has a gen3, and I know all the gen 3 compacts use the same RSA.

    Just wonder why, the .357 being so much hotter a round then the 9mm.

    More complex?? I think they just didn't do enough R&D with the dual spring before they released the gen4 leading to the problems with the 9mm.
  18. Ultimately, it makes no consumer difference.

    The 357sig, feels like a 9mm, and the brass flies 3 ft. farther (so what). Production and supply costs stay the same.

    Advantage all around from the corporate side. Advantages on the consumer side also-- uses the same RSA, lower perceived recoil.

    No brainer.

  19. I think I said that too.

  20. People talk about the gen4 RSA like it was some magical device, yet NO ONE has ever posted any spring dynometer comparisons.

    No one knows, just conjecture, and ass-umption, on how the Gen4 spring assembly compares to the single spring setup. Could be identical, or 2 deviations from the mean.

  21. ede

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    How did you work around the physics in reducing the recoil?

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