Heading out to Frontsight Training in NV

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by Reconinforce, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Taking the 4 day defensive handgun course with a few friends on Dec14 through 17th.

    Anybody else going to be there?

    I will post how things went and the pros/cons of the instruction after I get back.

    Time to give the ole Glock 19 a workout!!!


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  3. Was this your first class there? Look foward some pictures:)

  4. On the plane heading home. Had a blast! Learned a ton and trigger control is much much better. Earned distinguished graduate (first time taking the 4 day def handgun!). Out of about 35 in class 5 got the DG. I will get some pics up soon.
  5. That is some great work there! Not many people DG in their first class at Front Sight. Congrats. What's next for you?
  6. That skills test was tuff. I had two head shots about a half inch above/below the head box (6 points off) or I would have had a perfect score. Everything just clicked. I will try advanced tactics next but shotgun looks very fun.
  7. Glock 19 did a great job for me. Was worried the smaller frame would make some shots harder but no complaints.
  8. I can't wait for March. The boys are going for a week of training. Just leaving snowy Idaho for Las Vegas is a hoot, throw in a week of gun training and how can you go wrong!

    It is our annual pilgrimage.
  9. Actually, this year I am planning 3 trips to FS and one to Mas Ayoob's Mag 40. I cannot wait to meet Mr. Ayoob. I have been reading his stuff since the 1970s and his class has to be fascinating if only for his encyclopedic knowledge of the legal issues involved in CCWing.
  10. rrr


    Hey great job. I got my DG on the 2nd trip there. Doing it on your first is quite an accomplishment.


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