He asked if my concealed was loaded. stupid cop...civil rights suit pending

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by bucksnort1959, Dec 2, 2012.

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    Well? Was it concealed? Or was it next to you?

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  2. Epic nonsense. This thread does not deliver.

  3. mrsurfboard

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    Sorry, but it sounds like the only clown here is you. I can see you have no respect for LE and I have no doubt your demeanor at the scene probably escalated the incident.
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  4. It was both
  5. Actually my demeanor was nothing but pleasant and truthful. i don't argue in the dark with people I don't know that have guns and other weapons at their disposal.
    I was truthful for where I was all day but they didn't seem to believe me. Guess they're used to dealing with liars and thieves all day.
    Funny how cops that have posted, without seeing the vid or transcripts can come to that conclusion.
    I do have respect for decent cops but this summer at an event I attended, there was a married cop that went next door and banged some drunk divorced chick. Guy that was staying with me also held him with respect too until this. He's a first responder that I hold respect for.
  6. That makes a whole lot of sense. Guy getting scanned before entering a sporting event. Nice analogy
  7. Sorry for your trouble,But Alcohol & firearms are never a good partner.? Hope you learned an important yet costly lesson from this incident.?
  8. Did you also get a law degree or did you just do the 60 credit thing to get in?
  9. What exactly is an
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  10. We'd like to see both video and transcripts.
    Why bring up something and tell half of the story.

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  11. Ok
    Didn't read all about him but he appears to have been on a deliberate mission for a confrontation of some sort with people of authority.

    Where is anything similar about me and this Leonard guy as to how we came about being contacted by cops????

    did I wave my pistol out the window as I went by to elicit a response?
  12. Okay
    Let's take a poll
    Anybody that's consumed alcohol within 4 hours of driving a motor vehicle raise their hand.
    This includes auto, trucks, snowmobiles, boats and yes, lawn tractors operated within the right of way of a road, highway.
    Bet it'll get real quiet around here.
    Do you feel you were impaired?
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  13. Hold your horses Bronco Billy.
  14. Guess you didn't see that the events as depicted weren't applicable completely in my case. Not sure if it was a slip in comprehension as other posters have admitted.
    It was in a response to some guy in Beer City to imagine a possible scenario he might be familiar with. Sometimes the Pollacks there need different coloring books.
    As to finding a roach, it ties into illegal search and seizure in a scenario.
    If you were a cop and this happened to your bud, what would you advise?
  15. I amazed at all the posts from cops on the legality of items depicted. I didn't realize you guys also got law degrees. I always assumed you were just evidence gathers.
    Any real,bar lawyer want to chime in. Or do they prefer a different kind of weapon than this forum?
  16. Lmao!

    You should try following established case law instead of your hill jack interpretation of it.

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  17. ok
    Interpret this

    However, it is a class A misdemeanor (punishable by 9 months jail and/or $10,000 fine) for anyone to go armed with a firearm while under the influence of an intoxicant. . “Under the Influence‖ has been defined as materially impairing the ability to handle a firearm which is further explained as consuming ―an amount of alcohol to cause the person to be less able to exercise clear judgment and steady hand necessary to handle a firearm.‖

    At what point as an agent of the state, would you determine an individual to be in violation?

    Not here. sorry of where you live that you have to deal with peeps like that.
    I was in Cinncy once, Tucky on 75 in Sept. of this year. Have no real need to revisit the area.
  18. You're all over the place.

    Lets see what you have an well work from there. I don't like to use one sided conversations. Lets see what those officers have to say.

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  19. You've been around the block, spit it out.
    Let's hear your interpretation.
  20. YouTube accounts are free. Go ahead and upload yours.

    You'll be a celebrity.

    When the officer asked where your weapon was did you have him hold your beer?

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