He asked if my concealed was loaded. stupid cop...civil rights suit pending

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by bucksnort1959, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. I have been watching some videos on YouTube about this very thing. One thing is common in each one; the person being questioned by the authorities is a jerk that is overly consumed with exercising his rights to the fullest without considering the law and the rights of others. Being questioned by an officer is not a crime, but being a jerk to an officer will quickly and legally restrict your rights at hand.

    I am working on getting my Handgun Carry Permit and these types of things are interesting to me. But like I said, there is always a common thread among all posts and videos. For instance, as I understand it, in TN when pulled over by a LEO, you are to immediately notify them that you are armed and turn over your firearm to them during the stop.

    I am also glad to know that there are LEO's out there serious about keeping our communities safe and are making concerted efforts to keep bad guys with guns off the street. If that means I get questioned by a few cops, so be it. As long as I am courteous, as we all should be since these men/women are protecting us, then all should go well.

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    The part I put in bold, that is not true.

    Why don't you start a new thread and ask that question so we do not hijack this one.


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    The LEO must ask if the CCW is loaded, for it is legal in NH to CCW with an unloaded handgun. So the question is valid in any state that allows unloaded CCW.
  4. Actually there's not a right to notify in TN, but we will know you have a handgun carry permit when we run your DL. The officer may or may not ask for the weapon. I never have. I normally just ask where it is and leave it there. LEOs do have the right statutorily to disarm in TN if they feel there's a safety concern. Normally that's not hard to articulate involving a traffic stop.

    And you're right, courtesy goes a long way. I have yet to disarm a permit holder after 11 years on the job. I've arrested a handful, but it was DUI and/or drug-related. I was involved in another arrest where the permit holder had a handgun with filed serial numbers. That didn't end well for him. ATF got involved.
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    A courteous, LEO reply. Thanks.
  6. :rofl:I bet he was wearing a tin hat too.
  7. Pretty sure it is illegal to be in possession of a firearm if you have had just one drink. If your gonna have a beer leave the gun at home
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    THIS hit the nail on the head...... good on ya sir!! :thumbsup:

    (OP, seriously, in everyones best interest, leave the legal stuff between you, your lawyer, and the courts.)
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    Sorry to double post here but a couple more (potentially) overlooked things.

    Here in Minnesota it is:

    A. Illegal to speed.
    B. Illegal to drive with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) over .08 (same as in every other state)
    C. Illegal to drive if even the smallest amout of alcohol impairs your ability to operate a motor vehicle (meaning if you have one shot, and you are s**t faced, you cannot drive)
    D. NOT a civil rights violation to ask a person if they have a weapon on or about their person, and if they have a firearm they are carrying, or intend to carry, must provide proof of a carry permit upon the officers request (so therefore, asking if the firearm is loaded...... thats just good..... how shall we say...... questions???)

    And finally, if you were in fact placed "under arrest" most agencies have DEPARTMENT POLICY to search a motor vehicle to inventory the contents. That way the subject of the stop cannot come back and say "hey, I had $2,500 cash on the passenger seat when I was stopped, where is it?"

    So.... that is more than likely why they searched your vehicle OP
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    Pretty sure you should have read the rest of the thread before making you first post. :) It seems that in Wisconsin ( if that is where the dude lives at) it is not illegal to drink while carrying, provided you are not impaired by said drinking. Wheither or not one drink would impair the gentleman in question is a different question. I frankly don't understand the people that say you should never carry a firearm if you have a drink. I wonder if same persons leave their pocket knives and other sharp objects at home too, when having a drink. That is another discussion, though, and one that has been kicked around in this forum before.
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    I agree with your statement. I have been told here in MN, it is illegal to be in possession of a firearm ( on your person) and have a .04 BCA or more.

    I know instructors for permit to carry courses make the statement "if you drink at all, dont carry" so it is probably a safe rule in more ways than one to live buy.
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    I read page one. Then went to page 11. My educated guess is this story is bs.
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  13. if i carry.....i'll drink water......:upeyes:
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    The OP, bucksnort1959 has logged in to GT twice since his last post, but has not added more to the discussion.

    bucksnort1959, whenever you have anything of substance to report, please start a new thread. Good luck.
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    I'm betting he won't, either because it didn't happen or he won't want to share that he didn't get the outcome he wanted...
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    There's several PD's that hire 18yr olds.

    Detroit PD immediately comes to mind.. but I know there's others.


  17. It's just timing. My stick buddy in flight school pinned on WO1 and his wings hardly a month after turning 18. Figure 8 weeks for basic and 9 mo for flight school means he was barely 17 when he enlisted...18 yo cops don't even surprise me.
  18. Technically under state law LE agencies can hire 18 yr olds in TN too, but I've never ran into one when I help teach at the academy. There were a few 20 yr olds here and there, but they were the youngest. I personally wouldn't hire 18 yrs olds. The majority still have some growing up to do.
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