Having a problem with Google Chrome

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by jdw174, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. For some reason, when clicking on a link on the main page that opens up a second window, after switching pages to the link and then going back to the original, the screen is locked up. Only thing I can do is close the whole thing, then go back in. I've also had to re-boot at times because the mouse is also locked up. Any ideas on this?:dunno:

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  3. GIockGuy24

    GIockGuy24 Bring M&M's

    I've seen a lot of complaints about version 24. The, "fix" seems to be to revert back to version 23.

  4. Any idea how to tell which version I'm using? It was installed 2/2/2011.
  5. GIockGuy24

    GIockGuy24 Bring M&M's

    Google Chrome usually updates itself if exposed to the internet. There is a, "button" on the right of the upper tool bar in Google Chrome where you can access the version and settings in a pull down menu and disable automatic updates.
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  6. I use Chrome every day as part of my job. It's sand-boxed so even if it freezes up, it really shouldn't be messing with your mouse. Chrome has its occasional bugs, especially with flash or javascript, but if it's freezing your desktop it could be your system doesn't have enough ram or something is eating up processing power.

    Those are all just guesses without knowing what kind of rig you have.

    If you have any questions about Chrome just type about: in the address bar That will tell you what version you are using (should be 24.0.x).

    Best of luck!

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